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Oryx – Worldwide Photographic Expeditions

Since starting Oryx – Worldwide Photographic Expeditions in the beginning of August 2010, both our offices in Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town have been working non-stop towards creating unforgettable photographic expeditions for our guests.

Our Oryx expedition leaders are not only award-winning photographers who have been published worldwide, but are also extremely knowledgeable naturalists and field guides who have dedicated their lives to capturing truly breathtaking, inspiring and evocative images.

Oryx Operations Manager and Expedition Leader, Marius Coetzee, has recently led photographic expeditions to some of Africa’s top wildlife destinations, including Zambia, Tanzania and Rwanda, all of which were packed with incredible photographic opportunities. Zambia provided our guests with amazing predator sightings, the highlights of which were observing mating Leopards on an evening safari, and a few nights later, seeing a pride of no less than 14 Lions hunting and successfully capturing a Puku only meters away from our safari vehicle! In Tanzania, our guest’s cameras were focused on the “Greatest Show on Earth”, the utterly mind-boggling annual Wildebeest Migration, and we managed some awesome images of this unbelievable spectacle. Last, but most certainly not least, sitting amongst a group of over 20 highly endangered Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda was an experience of a lifetime for our guests!

British-based Oryx Leader, Elliott Neep, has just returned from leading this year’s Tanzania Migration tour, where our guests had marvellous sightings and incredible photographic opportunities. Some of the images taken on this tour have already been published in leading newspapers and magazines, a sample of which can be found here. With various tours booked for the next 6 months, including 2 Ultimate Expeditions to Botswana and our first scheduled Madagascar Photographic tour, this year looks set to deliver a plethora of brilliant images and unbeatable photographic memories for both our guests and leaders respectively, and we thoroughly look forward to having you aboard!