Image of the Month February 2023: Orange Fruit Dove

Photographer: David Hoddinott   Destination: Samoa

This stunning male Orange Fruit Dove is an excellent representative of a generally vibrantly plumed genus! In total, 57 of these breath-taking fruit doves belong to the Ptilinopus genus and can be found in the forests and woodlands of Indonesia, Oceania, and The Philippines. 

This particular species is endemic to the Fijian island of Vanua Levu, where, as implied by the species name, they mostly feed on fruits in the understorey and canopy, including those of Ficus plants. With its vibrant orange plumage and distinctive blue-green facial patch, the male Orange Fruit Dove is without doubt one of Fiji’s star birds! The females are less striking in colour being mostly green with yellow undertail coverts. 

The Southwest Pacific Islands of Samoa and Fiji are situated in the western and central Pacific Ocean, some 2000 miles to the east of Australia. These islands are home to an incredibly diverse range of tropical bird species, including many exciting endemics. The Orange Fruit Dove is just one of these and others like the unique Taveuni Silktail, Azure-crested Flycatcher, Fiji Goshawk, Golden, Crimson-crowned, Many-coloured, and Whistling Fruit Doves, Tongan Ground Dove, Barking Imperial Pigeon, Collared Lory, Crimson Shining and Masked Shining Parrots, and Polynesian Triller are just a few of the many drawcards for global birders! 

Apart from the unique and special avifauna, our tours to Samoa and Fiji also get to enjoy some of the local culture and cuisine. The local cuisine especially is sure to take you on a gastronomical journey with blends of traditional Samoan and Fijian food and delectable modern dishes. 

Our tours to Samoa and Fiji are exotic and thrilling experiences, packed with endemic birds and beautiful scenery. Every year we offer an exciting 13-day tour that visits the key birding spots on these islands, while also taking in beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and scenic landscapes.

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