Image of the Month October 2023: Red-crested Korhaan

Photographer: Julian Parsons   Destination: South Africa

This month’s stunning image is one that is not often captured. Named after a trait that remains hidden most of the time, the Red-crested Korhaan only gives a glimpse of his stunning red feathers whilst performing one of the most absurd avian displays of any in the Southern African bush! Often encountered as they saunter around their arid woodland habitat, one requires a great deal of luck and perhaps a keen ear to detect the start of their call. The call starts off with a series of clicks, heightens to gradually increasing  “peeps” and culminates in a daring display where the male korhaan flies nearly vertically into the sky and then folds his wings and somersaults down as if shot, only to unbelievably land on his feet.

Accompanying this fascinating species throughout South Africa, is an unbeatable combination of endemic birding and phenomenal wildlife viewing! From mammal and bird rich grassland, dense forests, endemic Fynbos and stunning Cape coastline, South Africa has an impressive list of mammals large and small. The world renowned Kruger, teeming with life and the “Big 5”, the breath-taking Drakensberg mountain range, and a variety of other excellent birding habitats are all easily accessible and sure to provide a lifetimes worth of excitement. 

A great introduction to birding on the African continent, South Africa provides the comfortable amenities that one would expect from a first world county as well as a great list of endemic and sought-after birds like the Gurney’s Sugarbird and Cape Rockjumper whose families are both endemic to the region!

Our superb South Africa tours outlined below cover some of the most exciting potential highlights of a tour here. An awesome opportunity to find some of the continent’s most secretive rallids, big game viewing paired with awesome migrant raptors and budget friendly tours rounding up the sought after species of both the East and the West!