Image of the Month April 2024: Painted Sandgrouse

Photographer: Stephan Lorenz   Destination: India


Everyone loves a Sandgrouse!

While the Painted Sandgrouse is surely the fanciest Sandgrouse in India, this endemic species still manages to blend in remarkably well. They tend to keep dead-still until the very last second when disturbed, which makes spotting them in their scrub forest and rocky habitat tricky at times.

Like other members of their family, Painted Sandgrouse use their belly feathers to absorb water and carry it back to the chicks, sometimes over great distances! Their incredible camouflage ensures that the chicks can be left behind among rocks and stones on their own with little chance of detection.

India overall offers an absolute attack on the senses for both the global birder and general traveller alike, just the colours, smells, and tastes of the variety of cuisine alone could keep a person entertained for a whole trip! Add in some of the most iconic wildlife in the world like Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Indian One-horned Rhinoceros, Indian Elephant, Sloth Bear and even the possibility of Red Panda, just to mention a few, and you’re well into dream trip territory. This is not to mention the variety of birds that our tours regularly see throughout some of India’s most stunning habitats, Ibisbill, Wallcreeper, Avadavats, an excellent selection of Pheasants and Thrushes, Sri Lanka Frogmouth, exquisite Malabar Trogon, Bugun Liocichla and Bengal Florican are just a few of the mouth-watering specialities to be found.

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