Rockjumper’s feathered friend – latest update

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Rockjumper’s feathered friend – latest update

The latest news from the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary is that our “Feathered Friend”, Capone the male Verreaux’s Eagle, is still doing very well in his new-found home. In fact, he’s become one of the most well-loved birds by all the sanctuary volunteers, tenderly taking food from their hands during their morning feeding rounds. Apparently, he waits patiently on his rock feeding platform and gently pulls the offered morsels through the wire with his beak.

Since he was brought in as such a young bird (he was confiscated and removed as a “stock killer” for attacking domestic geese!), he has lost a lot of his instinctual fear of people and often seems to reassure his much more nervous female companion, Orca, when people approach closely. It’s now a common sight to see them sitting close together in the enclosure and he is very attentive to her – a “real gentleman”, as his handlers so fondly describe him.

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