Rockjumper’s new Feathered Friend!

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Rockjumper’s new Feathered Friend!

Rockjumper is proud to announce our recent sponsorship of a one year upkeep for a magnificent Verreaux’s Eagle (“Capone”) at the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary, situated in the Camperdown area of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.  This brilliant conservation initiative specializes in the rehabilitation and treatment of injured raptors and owls, most of which would otherwise have been left to die a very prolonged and painful death in the wild.

In the words of Shannon Hoffman of the African bird of Prey Sanctuary: “Capone originated from the Kokstad area and as a struggling youngster was caught hassling someone’s geese. He was transported 300 kms away and released, but unfortunately was found attached to another goose shortly after that! KZN Wildlife officials deemed him a ‘stock killer’ and a hazard to agricultural society! He was therefore brought in to our Raptor Rescue Rehabilitation centre. The following morning we checked the contents of his regurgitated casting and discovered that he had actually been eating beetles to survive. (Black Eagles normally predate on Dassies.) So, the reason that this poor young eagle had resorted to trying to catch geese was that he was virtually starving.

Anyway, that was seven years ago and injury from direct persecution is still a common reason that eagles are admitted to Raptor Rescue. Capone’s story is therefore an important one to tell. Your kind and generous support of Capone enables us to continue to educate other South Africans about our amazing Verreaux’s Eagles and therefore hopefully play another small part in ensuring the long-term conservation of the species.”

To learn more about the sanctuary and how you can assist them in their quest to rescue and rehabilitate injured raptors, please visit their website at