Tour Highlights – Cameroon

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Tour Highlights – Cameroon

For the first time ever, Rockjumper did 3 back-to-back tours in Cameroon, led by Markus Lilje and Keith Valentine. With some of the local conditions continuing to improve every year, there seems to be a growing interest in this fantastic birding destination – and looking at just a few of the birds that were recorded on these tours, it is no wonder!

The lowland and montane forests in the south of the country produced an array of sought-after species that included sensational and prolonged views of Grey-necked Rockfowl, Bannerman’s Turaco, White-throated Mountain Babbler, Hartlaub’s Duck, Grey-headed Broadbill, Mount Cameroon Speirops, Tit Hylia, Blue-throated Roller, Grey Pratincole and a huge variety of sunbirds, greenbuls, flycatchers, weavers, starlings and malimbes!

The hot and dry north, which includes the Guinea-savannah and the southern edge of the Sahel, produced other mouth-watering species such as Arabian and Savile’s Bustard, Yellow Penduline Tit, Egyptian Plover, Quail-plover, Emin’s Shrike, Black Crowned-Crane, Yellow-winged Pytilia, Spotted Creeper, Brown and Dybowsky’s Twinspot, plus numerous firefinches, doves, waxbills, eagles, vultures and falcons.

While Cameroon is not known for producing large numbers of mammals, we recorded some very interesting species this year, including Beecroft’s Anomalure, Pallid Needle-clawed Galago, Potto, Lion, African Civet, Striped Hyena, Sand Fox and many of the more widespread African species. The combination of different habitats, endemic species and a wide range of habitats combine to make this one of the most impressive birding destinations in Africa!