The south-west corner of Western Australia is an ecological hotspot, hosting a remarkably high diversity of endemic plant, animal and bird species. Our short extension concentrates on the region’s endemic species and commences in the state’s capital of Perth, situated alongside the Swan River. We will explore a range of habitats, from the eucalypt forests of the Darling Ranges to the extensive woodlands of Dryandra, the Stirling Ranges, semi-arid mallee woodlands and the rugged windswept heathlands of the south coast. In six days, we hope to encounter 16 of the 17 currently recognised south-western Australian endemic bird species, the unattainable sixteenth species being the recently split, critically endangered and impossible-to-see Western Ground Parrot. Among these 16 ultra-localised species, top of the wish list will be the area’s 3 “megas”: Noisy Scrubbird, Western Bristlebird and Black-throated Whipbird. We also hope to encounter several fabulous mammals such as Echidna, the beautiful but critically endangered Numbat (Banded Anteater), Western Grey Kangaroo, Black-gloved Brush Wallaby, Northern Brown Bandicoot and Southern Right Whale.

Please note that a Rockjumper leader will not accompany this tour unless a minimum of 9 participants are signed up. In the case of insufficient sign-ups, professional and experienced local guides will lead independent sectors of the tour instead.

Top Birds

Emu; Pink-eared, Musk & Blue-billed Ducks; Wedge-tailed Eagle; Painted Buttonquail; Hooded Plover; Banded Lapwing; Pacific Gull; Red-tailed, Short-billed & Long-billed Black Cockatoos; Western Corella; Western Rosella; Elegant, Red-capped & Rock Parrots; Western Ringneck; Noisy Scrubbird; Rufous Treecreeper; Red-winged; Splendid & Blue-breasted Fairywrens; Southern Emu-wren; Western Fieldwren; Western Wattlebird; Western Bristlebird; White-cheeked & Swan River Honeyeaters; Western Spinebill; Scarlet, Red-capped, Western Yellow & White-breasted Robins; Western Whipbird; Crested Shrike-Tit; Red-eared Firetail; Western Thornbill.

Top Mammals

Quenda; Banded Anteater; Western Grey Kangaroo; Black-gloved Brush & Tammar Wallabies; Southern Right Whale; Numbat (small chance); Quokka.

Habitats Covered

various Eucalpyt woodlands, coastal scrub, wetlands

Expected Climate

warm to hot and cooler at night

Max Group Size

1 - 8 with local leader, 9 - 12 with 1 Rockjumper leader & local leader

Tour Pace & Walking




Ease of Birding

mostly easy with a few tricky species

Number of Species Expected


Photographic Opportunities

good to excellent

What our clients say about us

Angus McNab
TB - Kakadu 2022

It was a fantastic trip. Very satisfying and Angus did a great job : he really showed us the birds and took great care that we had everything we wanted and were able to enjoy our tour.

Glen Valentine
RP, Australia 2022

Glen was excellent at finding the birds and keeping track of who had not yet seen specific birds. By the end of the tour there were very few birds not seen by all in the group.

Angus McNab
EL - Kakadu 2022

We traveled through strangely beautiful and interesting areas and were able to get great birds – almost all the endemics of the area. Angus was good at finding the birds which often involved traveling to very remote and isolated places for 1 or 2 species. I love Australian birds – beautiful, unique, often loud and delightful. The Lake Argyle cruise was fabulous and the Yellow River cruise was a great break from riding in the van and seeing water birds from a distance.

Erik Forsyth
SH, Australia 2018

Erik Forsyth went above and beyond to give personal attention to each participant. How does he do it? Lack of sleep and a packed itinerary would challenge the best guide, but he seems to always be positive and light-hearted. Cracking dry jokes and comments – loved it!

Erik Forsyth
KH, Australia 2018

Erik Forsyth did a great job, and both his remarkable knowledge and his unflagging good humor were indispensable; I look forward to traveling with him again in the future.

Australia - Southwest Extension 2025 (Tailormade)

10 Sep 2025 - 16 Sep 2025 (7 days)

AUD5,000 - 3 Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Local Leader

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): AUD5,000 * USD3,307 * GBP2,604 * EUR3,062

Single Supplement: AUD795 * USD526 * GBP414 * EUR487

Can be linked with:

Australia - Southwest Extension 2025

16 Sep 2025 - 22 Sep 2025 (7 days)

AUD4,895 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Gregory de Klerk


Tour Leader: Local Leader

Pricing notes : Flight cost: Linked tour = estimated Perth to Cairns fair.

Tour price (Per person): AUD4,895 * USD3,237 * GBP2,550 * EUR2,997

Single Supplement: AUD780 * USD516 * GBP406 * EUR478

Can be linked with: Australia - East Coast 2025

Flight costs (Linked Tour): AUD740 * USD489 * GBP385 * EUR453

Australia - Southwest Extension 2026

15 Sep 2026 - 21 Sep 2026 (7 days)

AUD5,100 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Local Leader


Tour Leader: Stuart Elsom

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change* Flight cost: Linked tour = estimated Perth to Cairns fair.

Tour price (Per person): AUD5,100 * USD3,373 * GBP2,656 * EUR3,123

Can be linked with: Australia - East Coast 2026

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