Our tour of Amazonia National Park takes us south of the Amazon, amidst a host of special birds. Situated on the Rio Tapajos, we will have access to many of the Madeira-Tapajos interfluvium species. These are birds that have evolved within the forest between the two major tributary rivers, and are found nowhere else. Many of these species are truly spectacular, heart-of-the-jungle species that few birders have ever laid eyes on. The habitat here is of the most pristine quality.

Tour Facts Top Birds
White-crested Guan, Dark-winged Trumpeter, Cryptic Forest Falcon, Crimson-bellied, Santarem and Golden Parakeets, Vulturine Parrot, Brown-chested Barbet, Gould’s Toucanet, Red-necked Aracari, Natterer’s Slaty- and Saturnine Antshrike, White-eyed, Sclater’s and Ihering’s Antwren, Spix’s Warbling Antbird, Wing-banded, Banded, Rufous-faced, Xingu Scale-backed and Harlequin Antbird, Pale-faced Bare-eye, Alta Floresta Antpitta, Black-bellied Gnateater, Rusty-belted Tapaculo, Elegant, Ocellated, Uniform and Hoffman’s Woodcreeper, Zimmer’s Tody-Tyrant, Cinnamon-crested and White-crested Spadebill, White-tailed Cotinga, Snow-capped and Flame-crowned Manakin, Brown-winged Schiffornis, Cinereous Mourner and Rose-breasted Chat
Habitats Covered
terra firme of the Madeira-Tapajos interfluvium
Expected Climate
warm to hot and humid
Max Group Size
6 with 1 Rockjumper leader & local birding leader
Tour Pace & Walking
Our Mega tours are very fast-paced birding adventures designed for the dedicated lister and serious birder. The focus of the tour is to see as many of the endemics and area specials as possible in our given time. In order to cover the necessary route to maximise the species list we tend to spend a single night at most sites and travel large distances. There is very little down time aside from that spent driving from one site to the next. These tours are not suitable for dedicated or avid photographers; inexperienced or new birders; as well as anyone with serious mobility or health challenges.
basic but comfortable
Ease of Birding
moderate with numerous challenging species
Photographic Opportunities
average to good
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

A fantastic inaugural tour of the Manaus area. As usual, rainforest birding presented its challenges, especially all those skulkers, the names of which invariably begin with ant-! However, our brilliant leader, Forrest Rowland, and his equally brilliant offsider and local guide, Brad, showed endless patience trying to get everyone to see as many species as possible - with almost 500 spp seen in 17 days! We visited a variety of habitats in addition to terra firme forest, including varzea, campinarana and riverine islands, each with a different suite of birds. The trip went off without a hitch with efficient van and boat transport, comfortable accommodation and delicious local food.

Andy Foster was one of the best bird guides I've ever had. His knowledge of the birds is extensive, and his skills in finding them and getting his group onto them are excellent. Couple this with seemingly inexhaustible energy and unfailing good humour, and you have a close to ideal bird guide.

A Fantastic experience!! Considerably better than I had expected. Guides were fantastic!! And the inclusion of local Brazilian guide - Leo - was a real plus. He worked great together with Forrest Rowland, and his knowledge of the country and the vegetation was a real plus. The mammals and other critters were a real plus to the tour. The facilities, driver, and van were also great! Overall, this tour ranks among the top of the 7-8 birding tours I have ever taken, and Rockjumper is certainly a company I would highly recommend to others!!!

The trip was excellent, and there is no praise too high for Stephan Lorenz!

Rob Williams was helpful above and beyond the call by going out of his way to make it an enjoyable tour.

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