Cameroon is a vast and diverse land; lying just north of the equator, this bird-rich nation forms the inter-grade between West and Central Africa and harbours a wide range of habitats, ranging from steamy lowland rainforest to Sahelian semi-desert. By combining our Rainforest & Rockfowl tour with our Northern Extension you have an unbeatable three-week Cameroon birding tour that visits all of the area’s core ecological zones and provides a thorough coverage of this, West Africa’s richest birding destination. Due to its wealth of habitats, over 900 bird species have been recorded, and 26 endemic or near-endemic species occur, most of which you can expect to see on this tour! If you have a sense of adventure and an interest in the birds of the African continent, then this is a destination you simply cannot afford to miss. We greatly look forward to sharing the avian riches of West Africa with you on this incredible tour!

Top Birds

Grey-necked Rockfowl; Bannerman’s Turaco; Yellow-billed Turaco; Mount Kupe Bushshrike; Luhder’s Bushshrike; Chocolate-backed Kingfisher; White-throated Mountain Babbler; Olive Long-tailed Cuckoo; Bocage’s Akalat; Fire-crested Alethe; Grey-headed Broadbill; Crossley’s Ground Thrush; White-tailed Rufous Thrush; Yellow-breasted Boubou; Yellow-bellied Wattle-eye; Black-necked Wattle-eye; Bangwa Forest Warbler; White-tailed Warbler; Evergreen Forest Warbler; Black-faced Rufous Warbler; Ursula’s Sunbird; Cameroon Sunbird; Cameroon Greenbul; Cameroon Olive Greenbul; Mount Cameroon Speirops; Cameroon Olive Pigeon; Western Tinkerbird; Shelley’s Oliveback; Black-bellied Seedcracker; Bannerman’s Weaver; Tit Hylia; Neumann’s Starling; Ruwenzori Hill Babbler; Willcocks’s Honeyguide; White-crested Hornbill; Grey Parrot.

Top Mammals

chance for Drill and many other primates

Habitats Covered

lowland and montane rainforest, wetlands

Expected Climate

generally hot and humid in the lowlands with occasional rain, mild in the mountains with cool mornings on Mt Kupe, Bakossi and Bamenda

Max Group Size

8 with 1 Rockjumper leader

Tour Pace & Walking

moderate to brisk pace, with some long hikes on forest and mountain trails


simple chalets and hotels

Ease of Birding


Other Attractions

rainforest of Campo Maán, spectacular Mt. Cameroon

Photographic Opportunities


What our clients say about us

Markus Lilje
GM, Cameroon 2011

A special thanks to you, Markus, you are an excellent guide. Your spotting and identification abilities are astounding to me. Also, you had so many 'crazy' things popping up on that trip [Cameroon 2011] and you handled each magnificently. Right after I got back, I started looking at which future tours you will be leading. I certainly hope to cross paths with you again. Also, tell the staff who handled all my questions and got information to me so quickly... hello and you did a wonderful job. Thanks to all of you.

Cameroon - Rockfowls & Rainforests 2024

29 Mar 2024 - 10 Apr 2024 (13 days)

EUR3,695 - No Spaces Available


Tour Leader: David Hoddinott

Tour price (Per person): EUR3,695 * USD3,920 * GBP3,196 * ZAR73,851 * AUD6,035

Single Supplement: EUR380 * USD403 * GBP329 * ZAR7,595 * AUD621

Can be linked with: Cameroon - Northern Extension 2024

Cameroon - Rockfowls & Rainforests 2025

25 Feb 2025 - 09 Mar 2025 (13 days)

EUR4,000 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Glen Valentine

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): EUR4,000 * USD4,244 * GBP3,460 * ZAR79,947 * AUD6,533

Can be linked with: Cameroon - Northern Extension 2025

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