Colombia has more species of birds than any other country - a staggering 1900 species are to be found within the confines of this incredible nation; of which, at least 89 are endemic. This huge diversity of species results from the equally diverse range of habitats: three Andean Cordilleras (Western, Central and Eastern Andes), two inter-Andean valleys (the Cauca and Magdalena Valleys), the lowland forests of the Amazon and Orinoco regions, the isolated snow-capped Santa Marta Mountains, the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, deserts and lakes, and the rich wet forests of the Chocó all help to make it one of the most exciting countries to bird on earth!

Our series of northern Andes tours focus on the bulk of endemics that Colombia has to offer, working our way through the Central and Eastern Andean ranges, Magdalena and Cauca Valleys, as well as the dry Guajira desert and the impressive Santa Marta Mountains.

Our tour of Bogota and surrounds takes us to the Eastern Andes sites of Laguna Pedro Palo, Laguna Tabacal, Chingaza, BioAndina, Sumapaz, Chicaque and Tororoi for Black Inca, Turquoise Dacnis, Flame-winged Parakeet, Green-bearded Helmetcrest, Cundinimarca Antpitta, Apolinar's Wren, Bogota Rail and Moustached Brushfinch.

Top Birds

Black Inca; Turquoise Dacnis; Moustached Brushfinch; Golden-bellied Starfrontlet; Silvery-throated Spinetail; Indigo-capped Hummingbird; Rufous-browed Conebill; Coppery-bellied Puffleg; Blue-throated Starfrontlet; Flame-winged Parakeet; White-capped Tanager; Cundinimarca & Muisca Antpittas; Bronze-tailed Thornbill; Green-bearded Helmetcrest; Apolinar’s Wren; Bogota Rail; Ochre-breasted Brushfinch; Brown-breasted Parakeet.

Habitats Covered

Montane forest, montane grassland, montane lakes, crater lakes, dry forest, cloud forest, temperate forest

Expected Climate

Temperate to cold in highlands, hot and possibly humid in lowland

Max Group Size

8 with 1 Rockjumper leader and 1 local leader

Tour Pace & Walking

Moderate. Endemic and target focussed trip. Not suitable for dedicated photographers; inexperienced birders; or anyone with mobility or health challenges.


Comfortable, some lodgings are simple/basic.

Ease of Birding

Moderate. Several skulkers and low-density targets that require repeated efforts.

Number of Species Expected

650+ (complete Northern Andes series)

Other Attractions

spectacular scenery

Photographic Opportunities

Good to good+. Typical forest lighting difficulties. Several feeders.

What our clients say about us

Forrest Rowland
PI, Colombia 2018

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience on my Remote Colombia Tour. Forrest remains among one of the best guides I have ever travelled with. His knowledge of the areas within Colombia is astounding, he clearly knows his birds and their respective calls, he knows the off-track spots to seek out the more difficult species and the local people he interacts with clearly respect and value their relationship with him. Witnessing the interaction of these relationships makes for such a more enjoyable overall experience. Forrest as a guide brings a strong combination of spotting birds, knowing the bird calls and getting people on the bird. Equally important, he interacts with each and everyone of his participants and just displays such a passion for birds, wildlife and the local culture.

Forrest Rowland
JA - Colombia 2019

I was thrilled when Forrest Rowland agreed to run another Colombia Mega, as I really wanted to join a tour led by him – he has such extensive experience of this country and its birds. Even with that expectation, the trip exceeded my wildest dreams. Forrest’s grasp of Colombia’s birds, herps, plants, geography and history sets the scene for a magnificent experience. His humour and personality ensure one enjoys every minute.

Adam Walleyn
JS, Colombia 2023

This was an excellent opportunity to see a part of Colombia that I hadnt visited. It was a vigorous schedule, as predicted; fortunately, participants could opt out of activities if they preferred. Our guides were both top rate, with complementary strengths. The result was a lot of birds, particularly endemics, seen. Accommodations were appropriate to each area. The van and driver were superb.

Forrest Rowland
DH & RD, Colombia Highlights

Forrest was absolutely fantastic. The best birder/guide that we have ever had the pleasure of travelling with. His enthusiasm and passion for his work were exceptional and made for an awesome birding trip.

Forrest Rowland
CL & RL - Colombia 2019

Forrest Rowland: We think you did a great job organising and leading this trip. It all seemed to go very smoothly so, if you had any problems, they weren't obvious to us. We thought your fieldcraft was also first class. Clearly, all your previous experience has meant that you know the birds, their calls and the sites exceptionally well. We think we did very well with the avifauna, in no small part thanks to you.

Colombia - Northern Andes: Bogota & surrounds 2024

01 Nov 2024 - 07 Nov 2024 (7 days)

USD2,995 - Spaces Available

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Tour Leader: Lev Frid

Tour price (Per person): USD2,995 * GBP2,357 * EUR2,802 * AUD4,531

Single Supplement: USD290 * GBP228 * EUR271 * AUD439

Can be linked with: Colombia - Northern Andes: Medellin & surrounds 2024

Colombia - Northern Andes: Bogota & surrounds 2025

18 Nov 2025 - 24 Nov 2025 (7 days)

USD3,595 - Spaces Available

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Tour Leader: Carlos Bocos

Tour price (Per person): USD3,595 * GBP2,829 * EUR3,364 * AUD5,439

Single Supplement: USD410 * GBP323 * EUR384 * AUD620

Can be linked with: Colombia - Northern Andes: Central Andes 2025

Flight costs (Linked Tour): USD100 * GBP79 * EUR94 * AUD151

Colombia - Northern Andes: Bogota & surrounds 2026

17 Nov 2026 - 23 Nov 2026 (7 days)

USD3,700 - Spaces Available

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Tour Leader: Alexander Alvarado

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): USD3,700 * GBP2,912 * EUR3,462 * AUD5,597

Can be linked with: Colombia - Northern Andes: Medellin & surrounds 2026

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