Colombia is simply vast. With arguably the most diverse avifauna of any single country on Earth, there are far too many special and important habitats to visit in anything less than several months’ time. As part of our continuing effort to do this magnificent country justice, our Remote Colombia birding tour takes us into some seldom-explored areas in search of a whole host of rare, special and localised species. Targets are too many to mention but include such gems as Baudo Guan, Fuertes’s Parrot, Baudo Oropendola, Bicolored, Thicket, Hooded, White-bellied and Streak-chested Antpittas, recently described Perija Tapaculo, Turquoise Dacnis, Recurve-billed Bushbird, Multicolored Tanager, White-mantled Barbet, Gorgeted Wood Quail, Green-bearded Helmetcrest, Indigo-crowned and Lined Quail-Doves, Niceforo’s Wren, Chestnut-bellied Hummingbird, Esmeraldas and Magdalena Antbirds, Choco Brushfinch, Perija Metaltail, Perija Thistletail and Perija Brushfinch.

Top Birds

Chances for Harpy Eagle, Black-and-chestnut Eagle, Orange-breasted Falcon, Wattled, Baudo & Band-tailed Guan, Colombian Chachalaca, Choco Tinamou, Tawny-faced Quail, Chestnut Wood Quail, Horned Screamer, Brown Wood Rail, Indigo-crowned & Lined Quail-Dove, Colombian Screech Owl, Rusty-faced & Rose-faced Parrot, Flame-winged Parakeet, Choco, Cinnamon & Crimson-bellied Woodpecker, Greyish Piculet, Spot-crowned Barbet, Crested & Golden-headed Quetzal, Black-billed Mountain Toucan, Red-bellied Grackle, Baudo Oropendola, Mountain Cacique, Amazonian Motmot, White-chinned Jacamar, Yellow-billed Nunbird, Black-breasted Puffbird, Barred, Golden-breasted & Scaled Fruiteater, Green, Yellow-headed & Golden-headed Manakin, Bicolored, Thicket, Hooded, White-bellied & Streak-chested Antpitta, Black Antshrike, Spot-crowned Antvireo, Stub-tailed, Zeledon’s, Klage’s & Esmeraldas Antbird, Northern Barred & Black-striped Woodcreeper, Streak-capped Treehunter, White-browed & Rufous Spinetail, Perija Thistletail, Choco, Paramillo, Stiles’s, Pale-bellied & the yet-to-be-described Perija Tapaculo, Recurve-billed Bushbird, chances for Sapayoa, Perija Metaltail, Purple-chested, Tooth-billed & Green-bellied Hummingbird, Grey-chinned & Bronzy Hermit, Blue-fronted Lancebill, Blue-throated Starfrontlet, Blue Cotinga, Rufous Piha, Chestnut-crowned Gnateater, Antioquia, Sooty-headed & Chestnut-breasted Wren, Black-throated Tody-Tyrant, Apical Flycatcher, Choco & Grey-throated Warbler, Plushcap, Purplish-mantled, Multicolored, Moss-backed, Glistening-green, Golden-chested, Crested Ant, Tawny-crested, Grey-and-gold, Golden-hooded, Rufous-winged, Emerald, Blue-whiskered, Scarlet-and-white & Lemon-spectacled Tanager, Yellow-green Bush Tanager (Yellow-green Chlorospingus), Perija Brush Finch, Paramo Seedeater

Habitats Covered

cloud forest, temperate cloud forest, humid foothill forest, lowland & foothill Choco forest, secondary forest, wetlands, mangroves, rivers, meadows, creeks, Oak forest, subparamo scrub, paramo grassland, fincas

Expected Climate

temperate to cold in highlands; hot and very humid in the lowlands. Rain is likely on some days.

Max Group Size

8 with 1 Rockjumper leader and 1 local leader

Tour Pace & Walking

Our Mega tours are very fast-paced birding adventures designed for the dedicated lister and serious birder. The focus of the tour is to see as many of the endemics and area specials as possible in our given time. In order to cover the necessary route to maximise the species list we tend to spend a single night at most sites and travel large distances. There is very little down time aside from that spent driving from one site to the next. These tours are not suitable for dedicated or avid photographers; inexperienced or new birders; as well as anyone with serious mobility or health challenges.


basic to comfortable

Ease of Birding

moderate with some challenging species

Number of Species Expected


Other Attractions

often spectacular endemic reptiles and amphibians, stunning scenery, little-explored pristine forests

Photographic Opportunities


What our clients say about us

Dušan Brinkhuizen
SS, Colombia 2021

Dusan is an excellent guide (best ears in the business!) as well as a wonderful person to share this long of an adventure. He’s very concerned for everyone’s health, safety and enjoyment of the birding.

Dušan Brinkhuizen
CH, Colombia 2021

Dusan is an outstanding guide. He consistently made sure that all of us saw each bird and knew its name. I have hearing and mild short-term memory problems and Dusan took specialefforts to be sure that these did not interfere with my birding success on the trip. Not only does Dusan know all of the Colombian birds by sight, but he knows all of their calls and is able to talk at length about their biology and behavior - that is, he is an excellent teacher, too. This is something that I appreciate greatly, as I am a retired college professor of biology and I recognize an excellent teacher when I see one in action. In addition to his skills as a guide, Dusan was tireless in making sure that the constantly-changing tour arrangements went smoothly from day to day. I am certain that we got every minute that was possible out in the field looking for new birds; this was the goal of the tour (1000 species seen in 30 days of birding). He has a very pleasant, enthusiastically-encouraging personality and is outstanding at promoting group coherence and morale in difficult and sometimes mildly-dangerous situations.

Tuomas Seimola
TS & VS, Colombia 2021

Our guide Tuomas was excellent, the trip was excellent!

Robert Williams
IS, Colombia 2019

Rob's combination of bird finding skills and tour management expertise made for a great birding trip which was enjoyed by all.

Tuomas Seimola
MR, Colombia 2021

Tuomas is a great guide and excellent with bird IDs and helping people see all of the birds as much as possible. He also managed to maintain group morale despite a very ambitious and exhausting itinerary.

Colombia - Remote 2024

26 Oct 2024 - 14 Nov 2024 (20 days)

USD8,295 - 1 Space Available


Tour Leader: Stephan Lorenz

Tour price (Per person): USD8,295 * GBP6,762 * EUR7,819 * AUD12,770

Single Supplement: USD910 * GBP742 * EUR858 * AUD1,401

Flight costs: USD440 * GBP359 * EUR415 * AUD677

Can be linked with: Colombia - Mitu Extension 2024

Colombia - Remote 2025

07 Jan 2025 - 26 Jan 2025 (20 days)

USD9,000 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Lev Frid

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): USD9,000 * GBP7,337 * EUR8,483 * AUD13,855

Can be linked with: Colombia - Mitu Extension 2025

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