Although the Dominican Republic is perhaps best known for its luxurious beaches, outstanding food and vibrant culture, a birding tour of the island has much to offer both the avid birder and more general naturalist alike. Due to the amazing biodiversity of the island, Hispaniola ranks highest in the world as a priority for bird protection! This 9 day birdwatching tour provides the perfect opportunity to encounter nearly all of the island’s 33 endemic bird species, plus other Greater Antillean specialties. We accomplish this by thoroughly exploring the island’s variety of habitats, from the evergreen and pine forests of the Sierra de Bahoruco to the dry forests of the coast. Furthermore, the accommodations throughout are fairly comfortable, ranging from basic, remote cabins deep in the forest, to well-appointed hotels near the beach, each with its own unique local flair. Join us for this delightful tour to the most diverse island in the Caribbean!

Top Birds

Palmchat, Ridgway’s Hawk, West Indian Whistling Duck, Ashy-faced Owl, Least Poorwill, Hispaniolan Nightjar, Hispaniolan Amazon, Hispaniolan Parakeet, Hispaniolan Lizard Cuckoo, Hispaniolan Trogon, Broad-billed and Narrow-billed Tody, Hispaniolan Woodpecker, Antillean Piculet, Hispaniolan Palm Crow, White-necked Crow, Antillean Palm Swift, Hispaniolan Oriole, Golden Swallow, Hispaniolan Pewee, La Selle Thrush, Hispaniolan Emerald, Antillean Mango, Eastern and Western Chat-Tanager, Hispaniolan Spindalis, Hispaniolan Crossbill, Antillean Siskin

Habitats Covered

evergreen and endemic pine forest, dry forest, botanical gardens, mangroves, shoreline

Expected Climate

warm to hot and humid

Max Group Size

6 with 1 Rockjumper leader & local leader

Tour Pace & Walking

easy pace, undemanding walks


comfortable to basic, varied cuisines

Ease of Birding

mostly easy birding with some tough species

Other Attractions

great scenery & beaches, friendly people, good food

Photographic Opportunities


What our clients say about us

Robert Williams
PM, Dominican Republic 2018

Rob Williams and Caesar were excellent, and so was the birding and group dynamics.

Dušan Brinkhuizen
KL, Dominican Republic

Dušan was excellent, I plan to travel with him again in Ecuador.

Robert Wilcox
JM, Dominican Republic 2022

We had an excellent time on this tour. Even though I did not see every endemic, it fully met my hopes for the number of birds that I could reasonably expect. The rainy weather impacted our birding at times, but the leaders made some good decisions to adjust our plans in response and to maximize our chances of getting the birds. We really enjoyed birding with Bobby Wilcox. This may have been his first visit to the DR, but he was well prepared, has excellent field skills, a good sense of humor, worked hard to get us on the birds, and shared his knowledge and enthusiasm in general.

Forrest Rowland
JH - Dominican Republic 2020

The birds cooperated, but Forrest and everyone on the tour worked hard and remarkably all participants on the tour were able to record every endemic species, mostly seen very well. The large bus provided plenty of room and the Wifi on the bus was another surprise!

Dušan Brinkhuizen
KM, Dominican Republic 2018

This tour may have been short, but it was not easy, so thank goodness our guide, Dušan Brinkhuizen, was so much fun to be with and so knowledgeable.

Dominican Republic - Endemics of Hispaniola (Small Group) 2025

08 May 2025 - 16 May 2025 (9 days)

USD6,000 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Mark Beevers

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): USD6,000 * GBP4,891 * EUR5,655 * AUD9,237

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