Our classic Choco Cloud Forest tour covers all the important birding sites found north-west of the capital city of Quito. This area is part of the Chocó bioregion that hosts a great number of endemics and specialities that are only shared with neighbouring areas of Colombia to the north. We will be based in the Tandayapa and Mindo valleys from where we will set out to bird the various renowned private reserves, affording us an outstanding opportunity to support local conservation projects for long-term habitat protection. A wide array of habitats will be birded, starting with the mystical elfin forest of the temperate zone, followed by bird-rich subtropical cloud forests. We will also venture deeper into tropical foothill forests to reach the mega-diverse lowlands. Iconic species that we will be searching for include Andean Cock-of-the-rock, Giant Antpitta, Plate-billed Mountain and Chocó Toucans, Toucan Barbet, Long-wattled Umbrellabird, Club-winged Manakin, Glistening-green Tanager, Orange-breasted and Scaled Fruiteaters and Velvet-purple Coronet, to mention but a few. In case rarities such as Banded Ground Cuckoo or Rufous-crowned Antpitta show up in the area, we will do our very best to fit in a twitch. A great network of birding reserves together with excellent infrastructure, unsurpassable scenery and friendly people make the Northwest of Ecuador one of the planet’s most delightful birding destinations.

Top Birds

Dark-backed Wood Quail; Indigo-crowned Quail-Dove; Pacific Parrotlet; Rose-faced Parrot; Cloud-forest Pygmy Owl; Sword-billed & Purple-chested Hummingbird; Golden-breasted Puffleg; Purple-bibbed Whitetip; Empress Brilliant; Brown Inca; Velvet-purple Coronet; White-booted Racket-tail; Violet-tailed Sylph; Golden-headed Quetzal; Chocó Trogon; Barred Puffbird; White-whiskered Puffbird; White-faced Nunbird; Orange-fronted & Toucan Barbets; Pale-mandibled Aracari; Plate-billed Mountain & Chocó Toucans; Olivaceous Piculet; Cinnamon & Guayaquil Woodpeckers; Pacific Tuftedcheek; Black-crowned Antshrike; Checker-throated & Pacific Antwrens; Chestnut-backed Antbird; Black-headed & Rufous-breasted Antthrushes; Giant, Moustached, Yellow-breasted & Ochre-breasted Antpittas; Nariño & Ocellated Tapaculos; Chocó Tyrannulet; Black-capped Pygmy Tyrant; Andean Cock-of-the-rock; Orange-breasted & Scaled Fruiteaters; Golden-winged, White-bearded & Club-winged Manakins; Beautiful Jay; Black Solitaire; White-capped Dipper; Chocó Warbler; Yellow-tufted, Scarlet-thighed & Scarlet-breasted Dacnises; Indigo Flowerpiercer; Yellow-collared Chlorophonia; Glistening-green, Moss-backed, Grey-and-gold, Rufous-throated, Blue-whiskered, Black-chinned Mountain, Scarlet-browed & Ochre-breasted Tanagers.

Top Mammals

Olingito; Tayra; White-fronted Capuchin; Spectacled Bear (rare)

Habitats Covered

temperate tree line forest, subtropical cloud-forest, tropical foothill forest and tropical lowland forest all in the Chocó bioregion

Expected Climate

chilly to hot and humid (very pleasant temperatures on most days)

Max Group Size

8 with 1 Rockjumper leader & local birding leader

Tour Pace & Walking

easy/moderate pace


comfortable lodges

Ease of Birding

easy birding with some tricky skulkers

Number of Species Expected

300 - 350

Photographic Opportunities

excellent at sites with feeders

What our clients say about us

Lev Frid
AB, Ecuador 2021

Lev is a consummate professional. Excellent ability to do his job of guiding, getting on birds, identifying birds-- what we all came for. I would be delighted to travel with Lev again.

Dušan Brinkhuizen
PS&AS, Ecuador 2022

Dusan Brinkhuizen our guide was exceptional. He knew all the birds, their calls and where to find them. Dusan had so much patience and went to great lenths to make sure we saw the brids. Allen and I would highly recommend Dusan as a guide to Ecuador.

Dušan Brinkhuizen
WB, Ecuador 2018

Dušan Brinkhuizen is great bird master, very friendly and helpful. The trip was brilliant.

Dušan Brinkhuizen
SK - Ecuador 2022

Dusan was an outstanding tour leader. His knowledge of the birds, their habits, and calls was amazing as was his ability to manage the needs and goals of the tour participants. Both tours completely fulfilled my expectations. Thank you for an excellent experience.

Dušan Brinkhuizen
TN, Ecuador - Galapagos 2018

I really enjoyed this trip, it's probably the best one I've been on! I loved the knowledge and personalities of both our guides, Andrés Trujillo & Dušan Brinkhuizen, as well as the naturalist guides and the boat crews.

Ecuador - Northern: Choco Cloud Forest II 2024

30 Oct 2024 - 06 Nov 2024 (8 days)

USD3,195 - 4 Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Robert Wilcox

Tour price (Per person): USD3,195 * GBP2,565 * EUR2,998 * AUD4,924

Single Supplement: USD340 * GBP273 * EUR319 * AUD524

Can be linked with: Ecuador - Northern: Eastern Andes: Paramo & Cloud Forest II 2024

Ecuador - Northern: Choco Cloud Forest I 2025

09 Feb 2025 - 16 Feb 2025 (8 days)

USD4,000 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: James Wade Lee

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): USD4,000 * GBP3,211 * EUR3,753 * AUD6,165

Can be linked with: Ecuador - Northern: Eastern Andes: Paramo & Cloud Forest I 2025

Ecuador - Northern: Choco Cloud Forest II 2025

29 Oct 2025 - 05 Nov 2025 (8 days)

USD4,000 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Adam Walleyn

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): USD4,000 * GBP3,211 * EUR3,753 * AUD6,165

Can be linked with:

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