Our Egypt – Birding & Antiquities tour is timed to coincide with the peak of the annual bird migration between Africa and Eurasia, when thousands of storks and raptors, waders and a plethora of passing passerines make birdwatching here easy and enjoyable. Even whilst exploring the ancient tombs, we will be ticking off birds etched in life-like detail thousands of years ago! Our itinerary will also take us to sites for resident birds, including Al-Fayoum Oasis, the Eastern and Western Deserts, the Sinai Peninsula, Red Sea islands, Crocodile Island and the great Aswan Dam. Here we will be searching for specials such as Spotted and Crowned Sandgrouse, Greater Painted Snipe, Sooty and White-eyed Gulls, Pharaoh Eagle-Owl, Greater Hoopoe-Lark, Nile Valley and Palestine Sunbirds and the beautiful Sinai Rosefinch.

The superb and easy birding, combined with breathtaking antiquities, are augmented by luxurious hotels, a three-day Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor, incredible snorkelling and exciting shopping opportunities, to make this a thoroughly enjoyable tour for both keen birders and non-birding spouses.

2023 Tour price is an estimate and will change. Tour dates could be adjusted.

Tour Facts Top Birds
Greater Painted-snipe, Pharaoh Eagle-Owl, Greater Hoopoe-Lark, Nile Valley Sunbird, Sinai Rosefinch, Trumpeter Finch, Crowned & Spotted Sandgrouse, White-eyed Gull, migrating raptors
Top Mammals
Red Fox, various bats
Habitats Covered
desert, wadis (dry riverbeds), arid scrubby plains, Nile River and associated wetlands, shoreline and off-shore islands, mountains
Expected Climate
warm and dry conditions with cooler evenings
Max Group Size
8 with 1 Rockjumper leaders / 12 with 2 Rockjumper leaders
Tour Pace & Walking
leisurely pace, undemanding walks on flat terrain
comfortable to luxurious
Ease of Birding
relaxed and easy
Number of Species Expected
Other Attractions
key Egyptian antiquities, Nile River cruise, coral reef snorkelling, Petra, shopping
Photographic Opportunities
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

Expert guiding by Keith and Glen Valentine, aided by fabulous local talent, ensured we saw the maximum number of endemics and other birds and mammals. Perhaps more importantly, these two brothers enjoyed their time together and provided a warm, friendly and caring environment in which we all had a good time with lots of laughs, and looked out for each other to ensure everyone got on the birds and did not falter on a tough hike or challenging car ride.

I had a wonderful time. Our Rockjumper guide, Holly Faithfull, was terrific. She made the cruise, which was already excellent, even better.


The B&BG Tour was the trip of a lifetime for me. Rockjumper did everything just right. The birds and animals, the accommodations, and especially Wayne were all top notch. Although Wayne is relatively new to Rockjumper, he is definitely a keeper – personable, a keen observer, and a natural leader. He really made the tour more than “just another birding trip”. This is certainly a tour that I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone, although I am seriously considering South Africa next. Alison was wonderfully helpful, especially for finding a U.S. travel agent who booked affordable and reliable airline tickets for me.

I was really pleasantly surprised about every aspect of the Oman & UAE tour. Forrest Rowland did an outstanding job in every way and he has a great sense of humour. This tour exceeded my expectations. The pace was just right, accommodations and meals were of high quality, and Forrest did a great job of organizing details and making sure everything ran smoothly. He found the species that were sought and had expert knowledge of where the birds were likely to be found and when was the best time to try for them.

Dennis Yong was certainly knowledgeable on his birds and all other wildlife. I have to hand it to him, he has YEARS of experience and it shows.

Dates, Leaders and Pricing
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