To do full justice to the cultural aspects of this fascinating country, we offer an incredible Ethiopia historical tour extension to the northern town of Lalibela where we explore the unique 12th century monolithic churches, hewn out of solid rock and which took an estimated 25 years to construct, now appropriately considered one of the wonders of the world!

Whilst our main focus during the Ethiopia historical tour will naturally be these amazing monuments, we can also expect some excellent birding. Possible species include White-collared Pigeon, White-winged Cliff Chat, Erckel’s Francolin, Egyptian Vulture, White-fronted Black Chat, Abyssinian Catbird, Little Rock Thrush, Thick-billed Raven, White-backed Black Tit, Hemprich’s Hornbill, the scarce endemic Banded Barbet, Black-billed Woodhoopoe and large flocks of White-billed Starlings.

Top Birds

White-backed Black Tit; Thick-billed Raven; Banded Barbet; White-billed Starling; Rüppell's & White-fronted Black Chats; White-winged Cliff Chat; Erckel's Spurfowl; Yellow-rumped & Brown-rumped Seedeaters; Wattled Ibis; White-collared Pigeon; Abyssinian Catbird.

Habitats Covered

arid escarpments

Expected Climate

temperate in highlands

Max Group Size

8 with 1 Rockjumper leader

Tour Pace & Walking

moderate pace, mostly undemanding walks


basic but comfortable

Ease of Birding


Number of Species Expected


Photographic Opportunities


What our clients say about us

Gregory de Klerk
SC, Ethiopia 2018

This tour was our first one with Greg de Klerk. I would certainly go with him again. He is an extremely good birder, quick to locate birds and get all of the tour group on them. He worked hard to get those difficult endemics. His sense of humour added greatly to the group experience. What I most appreciated about Greg was his method of helping us to see the necessary field marks to identify a bird and to explain the difference between a bird and one that looked similar. I was therefore sure of the identity of every bird we had.

Gregory de Klerk
LF, Ethiopia 2018

Greg de Klerk is an excellent leader. What I admired most about Greg was his willingness and patience to take the time and "teach" the group shorebird and wading bird identification. Throughout the tour, he would take the time and repeat the details to anyone who asked, or seemed to be unclear on the details.

Heinz Ortmann
RG, Ethiopia 2018 - Tailormade

Heinz Ortmann did an excellent job of leading a group with diverse interests. He was particularly patient in showing the birds to the non-birders, and I believe he increased the level of interest in all of them with his enthusiasm. (Graham is already talking about a possible trip to Uganda!). He also did his best with my "wish-list" and I don't think we missed much. I have some stunning pictures of Stresemann's Bushcrow and Vulturine Guineafowl as evidence. It was necessary to make a couple of changes to the itinerary and accommodation, and Heinz managed all of this without any stress to the group.

Julian Parsons
RL - Ethiopia 2024

Julian was a wonderful leader, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and attentive to our needs. The local guide, Bereket, was also excellent and worked particularly hard when we had to find accommodation at short notice. The cultural guide Frui was very knowledgeable and shared both his knowledge and his experience of Orthodox Christianity with us in a very helpful manner. We saw a lot of birds and a good variety of mammals. In addition the food was very interesting and the coffee outstanding.

Gregory de Klerk
PT, Ethiopia 2019

Greg de Klerk did a very good job managing the tour, was personable and was highly effective at bird spotting & identification.

Ethiopia - Lalibela Historical Extension II 2024

01 Dec 2024 - 04 Dec 2024 (4 days)

USD1,695 - 1 Space Available


Tour Leader: Robert Williams

Tour price (Per person): USD1,695 * GBP1,364 * EUR1,595 * AUD2,643

Single Supplement: USD110 * GBP88 * EUR104 * AUD171

Flight costs: USD440 * GBP354 * EUR414 * AUD686

Ethiopia - Lalibela Historical Extension I 2025

27 Jan 2025 - 30 Jan 2025 (4 days)

USD1,895 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Julian Parsons

Tour price (Per person): USD1,895 * GBP1,525 * EUR1,783 * AUD2,954

Single Supplement: USD140 * GBP113 * EUR132 * AUD218

Flight costs: USD430 * GBP346 * EUR405 * AUD670

Ethiopia - Lalibela Historical Extension II 2025

29 Nov 2025 - 02 Dec 2025 (4 days)

USD1,895 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Quinton Paul Josop

Tour price (Per person): USD1,895 * GBP1,525 * EUR1,783 * AUD2,954

Single Supplement: USD140 * GBP113 * EUR132 * AUD218

Flight costs: USD430 * GBP346 * EUR405 * AUD670

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