Ethiopia is hands-down one of Africa’s most productive and rewarding birding destinations. A plethora of endemic birds, many of which are very tame and confiding is further complimented by a rich assemblage of forest and savannah species, rare mammals and a kaleidoscope of culture and food that combine to produce a fascinating and intriguing experience.

Spring brings earth parching rain, flushing the spectacular landscapes in green. Spring means the Palearctic migrants have already returned home, but the important endemic and near endemic species are just beginning their breeding cycle. Outside of the regular tourist season, you’ll feel that Ethiopia is all yours! Fascinating history, decent road infrastructure, diverse cultures and astonishing wildlife make Ethiopia an essential expedition for both hard-core and casual birders alike, and for many of our guides this remains one of their top destinations on the African continent!

Top Birds

Ruspoli's & White-cheeked Turacos; Stresemann's Bush Crow; Spot-breasted Lapwing; Blue-winged Goose; Rouget’s Rail; Wattled Ibis; Ankober Serin; Yellow-throated, Yellow-rumped, Brown-rumped & Salvadori's Seedeaters; Ethiopian Siskin; Yellow-fronted Parrot; Black-winged Lovebird; Erkel's, Clapperton's, Chestnut-fronted & Harwood's Spurfowls; White-backed Black Tit; Abyssinian Woodpecker; Donaldson-Smith's & Star-spotted Nightjars; White-tailed Swallow; Gillett's, Blanford's & Somali Short-toed Larks; White-winged Collared Dove; White-collared Pigeon; Nile Valley & Black-bellied Sunbirds; Arabian & Hartlaub's Bustards; Golden-breasted, White-crowned & White-billed Starlings; Red-naped Bushshrike; Black-billed Wood Hoopoe; Banded Barbet; Abyssinian Woodpecker; Ethiopian Oriole; Somali Crow; Thick-billed Raven; Somali & Dodson's Bulbuls; Somali Crombec; Boran & Ethiopian Cisticolas; White-rumped Babbler; Abyssinian Catbird; Montane White-eye; Abyssinian Slaty Flycatcher; Rüppell's Robin-Chat; White-winged Cliff Chat; Moorland Chat; Rüppell's Black Chat; Sombre Rock Chat; Swainson's Sparrow; Red-billed Pytilia; Abyssinian Waxbill; Abyssinian Longclaw.

Top Mammals

Ethiopian & Golden Wolves; Gelada, Olive & Hamadryas Baboons; Grivet & Bale Monkeys; Guereza; Mountain Nyala; Giant Mole Rat; Serval; Guenther's & Salt's Dikdik; Gerenuk; Lesser Kudu; Beisa Oryx; Soemmering's & Grant's Gazelles; Abyssinian Hare; Gambian Sun Squirrel; Unstriped Ground Squirrel; Somali Dwarf Mongoose; Spotted Hyaena; Common Hippopotamus.

Habitats Covered

montane forest, Afro-alpine moorland, Acacia savanna, Rift Valley lakes, semi-desert

Expected Climate

temperate in highlands, hot and dry in lowlands

Max Group Size

8 with 1 Rockjumper leader

Tour Pace & Walking

moderate pace, mostly undemanding walks


comfortable to basic hotels

Ease of Birding

not challenging

Number of Species Expected

410 - 450

Other Attractions

spectacular montane scenery, interesting ancient farming methods

Photographic Opportunities


What our clients say about us

Gregory de Klerk
AW, Ethiopia 2018

The guide, Greg de Klerk, did a good job. He was well informed regarding the participants and tried hard to accommodate everyone's needs. He made a good effort to inform us daily as to what birds we might see, which was very helpful.

Gregory de Klerk
EL, Ethiopia 2019

Greg de Klerk was an excellent guide and his lively manner and humour did much to make the trip enjoyable.

Gregory de Klerk
PT, Ethiopia 2019

Greg de Klerk did a very good job managing the tour, was personable and was highly effective at bird spotting & identification.

Gregory de Klerk
LF, Ethiopia 2018

Greg de Klerk is an excellent leader. What I admired most about Greg was his willingness and patience to take the time and "teach" the group shorebird and wading bird identification. Throughout the tour, he would take the time and repeat the details to anyone who asked, or seemed to be unclear on the details.

David Erterius
CH & BH, Ethiopia 2017

Simply stated, David Erterius is an exceptional individual: patient, kind, diligent, and hard-working almost to a fault. He was ever-conscious of his clients' welfare, with remarkable birding skills which he relentlessly employed to ensure that all members of the group regularly saw, identified and enjoyed each species, including mammals and reptiles.

Ethiopia - Summer Endemics 2024

06 Jul 2024 - 22 Jul 2024 (17 days)

USD6,095 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Stephan Lorenz

Tour price (Per person): USD6,095 * GBP4,973 * EUR5,730 * AUD9,448

Single Supplement: USD390 * GBP318 * EUR367 * AUD605

Can be linked with: Djibouti - Extension II 2024

Ethiopia - Summer Endemics 2025

25 Jun 2025 - 11 Jul 2025 (17 days)

USD7,000 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: David Hoddinott

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): USD7,000 * GBP5,712 * EUR6,581 * AUD10,850

Can be linked with: Djibouti - Extension II 2025

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