Lying far out into the North Atlantic Ocean, the volcanic island of Iceland is the land between two continents; a land of fire and ice with its Viking heritage. While Iceland doesn’t have a long list of breeding birds, those that do occur are in many cases abundant, with globally important populations of waders, wildfowl and seabirds. In fact, its towering cliffs are among the largest seabird colonies on the planet, with five species of breeding auk, including Thick-billed Murre (Brünnich’s Guillemot), while the numerous lakes and wetlands are teeming with an array of divers, ducks and waders, such as Harlequin Duck, Barrow’s Goldeneye, Red‐necked Phalarope and Purple Sandpiper. Top of many people’s wish list is the world’s mightiest falcon, Gyr Falcon, and Iceland has a healthy population of this supreme predator. As a backdrop to all this there is also the country itself, with its volcanoes, lava fields, glaciers, spouting geysers, mud pools, dramatic coasts and black sand beaches making for spectacular and other-worldly scenery at every turn!

Tour Facts Top Birds
Thick-billed Murre (Brünnich’s Guillemot), Harlequin & Long-tailed Duck, Barrow’s Goldeneye, Red‐necked & Grey Phalarope, Purple Sandpiper, Gyr Falcon, Great Norther Diver, Whooper Swan, Snow Bunting, Razorbill, Black-legged Kittiwake, Glaucous & Iceland Gull, Rock Ptarmigan, Pink-footed Goose, European Golden Plover, Red-breasted Merganser, Horned (Slavonian) Grebe and Short-eared Owl.
Top Mammals
White‐beaked Dolphin, Minke, Killer, Humpback or even Blue Whale, Arctic Fox
Habitats Covered
tundra, coast, pelagic, lagoons, wetlands, lakes, volcanic landscapes, rivers
Expected Climate
day time temperatures average between 16 - 20ºC, while coastal wind and evenings are cooler
Max Group Size
8 with 1 Rockjumper leader
Tour Pace & Walking
relaxed, with some long days (due to Iceland's latitude and the time of year, daylight is almost 24hrs a day)
Ease of Birding
Other Attractions
Lake Myvatn, Godafoss Waterfall, Hvitá River, Gullfoss - the ‘Golden Waterfall’, Great Geysir and Strokkur Geysir, Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park, Reykjanes Peninsula
Photographic Opportunities
good to excellent
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

André in particular went out of his way to make sure our stay was as wonderful as it could be. Andre is also a great guide, with the ability to spot just about everything that moves, even if the movement is only breathing.


I look forward to another RBT tour...you can never go on too many RBT tours.

The tour was very enjoyable and interesting. Doug McCulloch's knowledge of his subject was encyclopaedic, and was as keen as mustard to share it and find us lots of birds.

The ability of our guide, Rich Lindie, to locate the birds from the faintest movement or call under difficult and trying conditions was outstanding.

We felt that the trip was very well organised and efficient so we could spend as much time in the field as possible. Glen was a terrific guide - excellent birder as well as his concern that everyone was seeing the birds. Glen was very even in his manner at all times and with everyone.

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