Nestled in the tropical waters of Wallacea, the islands of Sulawesi and Halmahera are seldom-visited parts of the Indonesian archipelago as varied in habitat as they are rich in special and endemic birds. From the highland mountains and luxuriant lowland rainforest of Sulawesi to the Australasian influenced Halmahera in the Moluccan ‘Spice Islands’, our tour covers a comprehensive view of the available habitats, maximising our chance of finding the more than one hundred range-restricted bird species confined to this region. A colourful host of parrots, fruit doves, and an awesome assortment of endemic kingfishers are combined with such sought-after avian gems as Ivory-breasted and Sulawesi Pittas, the incredible Maleo, brilliant Purple-bearded Bee-eater, remarkable Knobbed and Sulawesi Hornbills, Purple-winged Roller, monotypic Hylocitrea and an opportunity to watch an extraordinary bird-of-paradise, the Standardwing at its display site.

The largest island of the Moluccan Archipelago, Halmahera was once a vital part of the historical trade of cloves, nutmeg and mace that gave this region the nickname ‘Spice Islands’. The flight into Ternate is spectacular due to its location on an imposing cone-shaped volcanic island, rising over 1,700m above the surrounding sea.

Top Birds

Hylocitrea; Maleo; Geomalia; Malia; Standardwing; Sulawesi & Ivory-breasted Pittas; Knobbed & Sulawesi Hornbills; Moluccan & Sulawesi Scops Owls; Sulawesi Masked Owl; Ochre-bellied, Cinnabar, Halmahera & Speckled Boobooks; Sulawesi & Satanic Nightjars; Purple-bearded Bee-eater; Purple-winged Roller; Moluccan Goshawk; Sulawesi Serpent Eagle; Isabelline Bush-hen; Yellow-flanked Whistler; Black-faced & Pale-headed Munias; Black‐ringed White‐eye; Sulawesi Ground Dove; Grey-headed & Silver-tipped Imperial Pigeons; Sombre Pigeon; Sulawesi Babbler; Fiery-browed Starling; Pale-bellied Myna; Sulawesi Myzomela; Sulawesi & Red-backed Thrushes; Crimson-crowned Flowerpecker; Lilac, Scaly-breasted, Green-backed & Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfishers (amongst 12 species of possible kingfishers); Matinan Blue Flycatcher; Lompobattang & Sulawesi Streaked Flycatchers; Lompobattang Leaf Warbler; Ashy Woodpecker; Yellow-breasted & Golden-mantled Racket-tails.

Top Mammals

Celebes Crested, Moor & Tonkean Macaques; Spectral Tarsier; Bear Cuscus; Sulawesi Dwarf Squirrel; Montane & Lowland Long-nosed Squirrels.

Habitats Covered

montane and lowland forests, volcanic mountains, rice paddies, rivers, islands, beaches

Expected Climate

mostly hot to humid with cooler nights and mornings in the highlands

Max Group Size

8 with 1 Rockjumper leader & local birding leader

Tour Pace & Walking

moderate pace with some longer hikes


mostly rustic yet clean and comfortable, including some nights in excellent accommodation

Ease of Birding

moderate but can be challenging at times

Number of Species Expected

+-240 (with over 80 possible endemics!)

Photographic Opportunities

average to reasonable

What our clients say about us

Glen Valentine
TJ & AJ - Indonesia 2019

Glen was again a wonderful guide who has excellent field skills and is always willing to help clients who are struggling to find the birds or who have other ‘issues’..

David Hoddinott
EL, Indonesia 2022

This was an adventure to be sure. The places we traveled were indeed remote and with the exception of larger cities like Ambon & Sorong inhabited by few people. This was my first trip to Indonesia and was an adventure to even get to Ambon. However, the Indonesian people must be the kindest most helpful people in the world. The boat was lovely and this amazing trip had so many interworking pieces -- moving from the Indo Seamore to the shore for the next adventure, disembarking at various kinds of dock, piers, rocks, etc, meeting up with our vehicles for rides up into the hills -- everything worked like clockwork. We saw so many fabulous birds thanks to our super guides, David Hoddinott and Lev Frid. The two guides were so helpful and informative; I would gladly travel with either of them or both in the future. However, I have to say that this trip was just about at the limit of my ability. I would never have seen the birds I did without the help of David & Lev and our various local guides and drivers. I think only Rockjumper could have pulled this tour off.

Adam Walleyn
JA & DR, Remote West Papuan Islands 2018

Glen Valentine and Adam Walleyn were superb guides — honestly, they saw birds before they appeared! The local guides were outstanding and the logistics and accommodations were exceptional given our locations.

Tuomas Seimola
SC & IC - Sulawesi

I am writing to let you know what an amazing trip we had with David Erterius and Tuomas Seimola. They are both outstanding bird guides and a pleasure to travel with.

Lev Frid
EL, Indonesia 2022

David and Lev are exception leaders and worked very hard to find the birds and get everyone onto them. A remarkable trip.

Indonesia - Sulawesi & Halmahera: Wallacean Endemics 2024

17 Jul 2024 - 01 Aug 2024 (16 days)

IDR93,950,000 - No Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Forrest Rowland


Tour Leader: Ryan Tyrer

Tour price (Per person): IDR93,950,000 * USD5,829 * GBP4,679 * EUR5,469 * AUD8,984

Single Supplement: IDR7,250,000 * USD450 * GBP361 * EUR422 * AUD693

Flight costs: IDR8,500,000 * USD527 * GBP423 * EUR495 * AUD813

Can be linked with: Indonesia - Bali Birding Extension 2024

Indonesia - Sulawesi & Halmahera: Wallacean Endemics (Small Group) 2025

25 Jun 2025 - 12 Jul 2025 (18 days)

USD7,595 - No Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Glen Valentine

Tour price (Per person): USD7,595 * GBP6,097 * EUR7,126 * AUD11,706

Single Supplement: USD520 * GBP417 * EUR488 * AUD801

Flight costs: USD890 * GBP714 * EUR835 * AUD1,372

Can be linked with:

Indonesia - Sulawesi & Halmahera: Wallacean Endemics 2025

14 Jul 2025 - 31 Jul 2025 (18 days)

USD6,595 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Julian Parsons

Tour price (Per person): USD6,595 * GBP5,294 * EUR6,188 * AUD10,165

Single Supplement: USD520 * GBP417 * EUR488 * AUD801

Flight costs: USD890 * GBP714 * EUR835 * AUD1,372

Can be linked with: Indonesia - Bali Birding Extension 2025

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