Our Budget Madagascar Birding tour provides the budget conscious birder with a fantastic opportunity for observing the highlights of this magical island’s incredible birds and wildlife. On this tour we will visit three of Madagascar's core critical habitats; namely the deciduous woodlands of Ankarafantsika, the dry spiny forest around Ifaty, and the moist eastern rainforests of Analamazaotra and Mantadia, all of which hold an exceptional diversity of endemic birds and lemurs. We stand excellent chances of finding all 5 of the island's endemic bird families, as well as up to 18 different lemur species, including the awesome Indri. Some of the expected highlights of this tour include Subdesert and White-breasted Mesites, Long-tailed and Pitta-like Ground Rollers, stunning Schlegel's and Velvet Asities, Blue Coua, Sickle-billed and Van Dam's Vangas, and the ubiquitous Cuckoo Roller.

Top Birds

White-breasted & Subdesert Mesite, Van Dam's, Sickle-billed & Blue Vanga, Cuckoo Roller, Short-legged, Scaly, Pitta-like & Long-tailed Ground Roller, Schlegel's Asity, Coqueral's, Verreaux's, Running & Blue Coua, Madagascar Partridge, Bernier's Teal, Madagascar (Crested) Ibis, Humblot's Heron, Madagascar Fish Eagle, Madagascar Plover, Madagascar & White-throated Rail, Madagascar Sandgrouse, Rainforest (Malagasy) Scops Owl, Collared Nightjar, Madagascar (Ashy) Cuckooshrike, White-throated Oxylabes, Forest Rock Thrush, Nelicourvi Weaver, Forest Fody

Top Mammals

Indri, Diademed and Coqueral's Sifaka, Grey Bamboo Lemur, Aye-aye, Fosa, Madagascar Striped Civet, Ring-tailed Mongoose, Lowland Streaked Tenrec

Habitats Covered

deciduous woodland, mid-altitude rainforest, spiny forest, mudflats, wetlands

Expected Climate

warm to hot and sunny, rainfall possible in eastern rainforest

Max Group Size

8 with 1 Rockjumper leader

Tour Pace & Walking



mostly comfortable lodges & hotels

Ease of Birding

mostly unchallenging, some skulky species in rainforest

Number of Species Expected

140 - 150

Other Attractions

spiny desert, coral reefs, interesting herps & insects, cultures, shopping

Photographic Opportunities


What our clients say about us

Heinz Ortmann
JT, Madagascar 2015

Just a short note to say that I thought Heinz did a great job with the Masoala extension---he's a a sharp birder, energetic, and very personable with a lot of good stories! I look forward to traveling on another trip with him…

David Hoddinott
JV, Madagascar 2019

Another excellent Rockjumper trip. David did a good job meeting our needs through the whole trip.

Adam Walleyn
KO & MD, Madagascar 2018

Adam Walleyn was amazing, and we will definitely be looking into arranging a private Rockjumper tour with him in the future. Not only did he have extensive knowledge of the birds, but also the other flora and fauna, as well as some of the historical aspects of Madagascar.

Gregory de Klerk
SC - Madagascar

We had been with Greg before on the Ethiopia tour. We selected this tour because Greg was leading it. Not only does he have excellent birding skills, but he also has excellent people skills. He kept the tour running smoothly, handled problems quickly, and was most anxious that every member of the tour got to see the birds if at all possible. We would definitely travel with him again. We got lots of new birds, had lots of laughs, and enjoyed our fellow birders.

Adam Walleyn
RR, Madagascar

Adam Walleyn went above and beyond to find just about everything there was to see. His knowledge of herps, mammals and birds is very comprehensive.

Madagascar - Budget Birding 2025

08 Dec 2025 - 18 Dec 2025 (11 days)

USD4,795 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Stuart Elsom

Tour price (Per person): USD4,795 * GBP3,849 * EUR4,499 * AUD7,391

Single Supplement: USD430 * GBP345 * EUR403 * AUD663

Flight costs: USD1,430 * GBP1,148 * EUR1,342 * AUD2,204

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