Our comprehensive exploration of Oaxaca is jam-packed with specialties taking in the major birding sites of Teotitlan del Valle, Benito Juarez National Park, Cerro San Felipe, the archaeological spectacle of Monte Alban and Huatulco. With a high level of endemicity, we set out to find dry interior endemics such as Ocellated Thrasher, Bridled and Oaxaca Sparrows, Boucard's Wren, Dwarf Jay and the diminutive Dwarf Vireo. Cerro San Felipe is expected to reward us with Russet Nightingale-Thrush and the piercing Red Warbler, possibly one of the most attractive birds in all of North America. As we marvel at the iconic Monte Alban, we will also be searching for the endemic Slaty Vireo, Ocellated Thrasher and Blue Mockingbird. Our time in Huatulco will be spent birding the endemic strewn Sierra de Miahuatlan for such delights as Long-tailed Wood Partridge, Blue-capped Hummingbird, White-faced Quail-Dove, Mexican Hermit, Long-billed and Plain-capped Starthroat, West Mexican Chachalaca, Citreoline Trogon and Red-breasted Chat.

As the tour draws to a close, we change tack, and head out to the sea off Puerto Angel for a pelagic, with such headline species as the endemic Townsend’s Shearwater, while we shall also be on the lookout for Christmas and Galapagos Shearwaters, and both the rare Black and Wedge-rumped Storm Petrels.

2023 Tour price is an estimate and will change. Tour dates could be adjusted.

Tour Facts Top Birds
Unicolored, Azure-hooded, White-throated & Dwarf Jay, White-throated Magpie-Jay, Blue-capped, Beautiful, Dusky, Garnet-throated, Azure-crowned, Emerald-chinned, Cinnamon & Green-fronted Hummingbird, Wedge-tailed Sabrewing, Mexican Hermit, Long-billed & Plain-capped Starthroat, West Mexican Chachalaca, Pileated Flycatcher, Blue Mockingbird, Ocellated Thrasher, White-throated Towhee, Oaxaca Sparrow, Long-tailed Wood Partridge, Chestnut-sided Shrike-Vireo, Brown-backed Solitaire, Red & Red-faced Warbler, Slate-throated & Painted Whitestart, Collared Towhee, Lesser Roadrunner, Spotted Wood Quail, Black & Ornate Hawk-Eagles, White-faced Quail-Dove, Colima & Central American Pygmy Owl, Slaty Vireo, Blue Mockingbird, Aztec Thrush, Grey-crowned Woodpecker, Vermiculated Screech Owl, Lesser Ground Cuckoo, Citreoline Trogon, Russet-crowned Motmot, Boucard’s, Happy & Banded Wren, Red-breasted Chat, Blue & Orange-breasted Bunting, Hooded Yellow-throat, Wagler’s (Emerald) Toucanet, Townsend’s, Wedge-tailed, Galapagos, Black-vented, Christmas & Pink-footed Shearwater, Black, Least & Wedge-rumped Storm Petrel and Red-billed Tropicbird
Habitats Covered
intermontane valley scrub, pine & oak forests, pelagic, humid cloud forest, subtropical forest, pacific thorn forest and foothill riparian forests
Expected Climate
mostly warm with some light drizzle expected in the cloud forests. Can be cool to cold at higher elevations (and on the pelagic). Humidty can be expected in low lying areas
Max Group Size
8 with 1 Rockjumper leader & local birding leader
Tour Pace & Walking
relaxed, with some long days in the field
Ease of Birding
mostly easy with some tricky/rare target species
Other Attractions
pre-Colombian archaeological sites of Monte Alban & Yagul, Oaxaca City.
Photographic Opportunities
good to excellent
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

Our tour leaders produced a very successful tour. They worked together well and their skills complemented each other. Chris's education and experience provided us with a plethora of knowledge and fun facts. His personnel skills were put to the test with quite a diverse group of birders with an assortment of desires. He succeeded well. One could not ask for a better local guide than Eric. He knows every nook and cranny of his turf. He knows the birds well and multiple sites to look for each species. He has very good eyes and ears. But for me, his strongest characteristic is his genuine desire to find every target for the group. His persistence is unmatched. It paid off several times. I enjoyed the trip.

Mexico was a blast! I saw 81 lifers on the extension and another 86 on the main trip. Our local guide, Eric, was great. He is young, enthusiastic, has good ears and eyes and knows his birds and their behaviours very well. I quickly dubbed him 'Mr Never-give-up' as he would keep at it until we saw each bird. I also thoroughly enjoyed Chris Sharpe's company and his knowledge about many things.

A good trip... The trip focused on endemics and extraordinary time and effort went into this. The local guide, Eric, knew his patch and earned the name Mr P (for persistence) - but he did get the difficult birds! I achieved my personal birding goals... and I again thank Rockjumper for that.

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