Our new relaxed tour is designed to visit the best of Namibian birding sites. This enhanced safari will find not only a stunning array of birds but will also take in the world-famous Etosha National Park and the great game to be found there. We begin our journey in Windhoek, Namibia’s capital and an area that offers a superb introduction to the birds of this amazing country. Thereafter, we drive through the ancient Namib Desert, a land of enormous red dunes and inhospitable rocky desert. The cold Benguela Current is responsible for the cold, rich upwelling along southern Africa’s west coast. We will sample its biological wealth at Walvis Bay, an estuarine system that can hold around 100 000 waterbirds in summer! Leaving the coast, we journey inland to the scenic Spitzkoppe and endemic-rich Erongo Mountains, our lodge conveniently located right in the heart of the action. We will then travel north to sample the impressive mammalian (and avian!) delights of Etosha National Park, before completing our journey back in Windhoek.

Top Birds

Dune & Gray's Larks; Rockrunner; Herero Chat; Rüppell’s & Northern Black Korhaans; Hartlaub's & Red-billed Spurfowls; Rüppell’s Parrot; Burchell's Courser; Violet Wood Hoopoe; White-tailed Shrike; Monteiro's, Damara Red-billed & Bradfield's Hornbills; Karoo Scrub Robin; Carp's Tit; Tractrac Chat; Orange River White-eye; Dusky Sunbird; Cape, Crowned & Bank Cormorants; Damara Tern; African Oystercatcher; Bradfield's Swift; Bokmakierie; Kori & Ludwig's Bustards; Bare-cheeked & Black-faced Babblers; Rufous-eared Warbler; South African Shelduck; Cape Vulture.

Top Mammals

Black & White Rhinoceroses; African Elephant; Lion; Cheetah; Spotted Hyena; Hartmann’s sub-species of Mountain Zebra; Kirk's Dik-dik; Klipspringer; Gemsbok; Springbok; 'Black-faced' Impala; South African Giraffe.

Habitats Covered

coastal estuaries, broad-leaved woodland, riverine forest, mountains, gravel and sandy deserts

Expected Climate

warm to hot with chances of occasional thunder showers

Max Group Size

7 & 1 Rockjumper Tour Leader

Tour Pace & Walking

Our Relaxed series of tours are designed to focus on having an enjoyable holiday with a bird and wildlife focus. Where possible; we have reduced or removed long drives, single night stays and poor/rustic accommodation. We have also sought to reduce or remove difficult hikes, narrow/muddy trails and otherwise oppressive environmental conditions. Early starts and night birding are mostly optional, and we will not spend much time searching for difficult and/or skulking species. These tours are not suitable for hardcore birders and listers, or dedicated photographers.


comfortable hotels, national park bungalows and lodges

Ease of Birding

easy, open country birding, some tricky species

Number of Species Expected


Other Attractions

Namib sand dunes, Spitzkoppe, Etosha, Spreetshoogte Pass

Photographic Opportunities

good to excellent

What our clients say about us

Heinz Ortmann
PO - Namibia, Botswana & Zimbabwe

The tour was fabulous and Heinz is a great guide. Our van was good with the "pop up" roof. The lodges we stayed at were very nice with good food. We even had a chance to try some wild game.

Julian Parsons
EL - Namibia, Botswana & Zimbabwe 2022

Julian Parsons is an exceptional bird and nature guide in many respects - you can be proud to have him on your team. I couldn’t ask for more in a birding and total naturalist guide. His organization, attention to details, interest in the participants were all top notch. All those things that make a birding trip successful Julian attended to with energy, and enthusiasm. He was an excellent driver and put safety as #1. The amount of driving on this tour it would have been nice to have a driver and a guide. It’s one thing to know the birds, wildlife, plants, trees, etc. It's quite another to teach and explain the species to others. Julian is an exceptional teacher. He was always keen to go the extra step to provide the details and the understandings of the species, i.e. its behaviors, how it feeds, migration information, and on and on. Julian’s knowledge of the natural world is encyclopedic. Like all good teachers you never felt any question was too small or too trivial to ask - it’s a gift to be able to put the participants at ease so they feel comfortable to ask questions. There are many positive adjectives I could use to describe Julian as a person and as a professional bird/nature guide - the list is long. At the top is his character and kindness - it seems to be part of his being. I was grateful to have Julian as my guide - I hope I was a fraction as good as a participant.

Glen Valentine
JS, Namibia 2015

Glen was very organised and knowledgeable. He gave clear directions as to what we would be doing the following day. He has a very calm and friendly manner. He has extremely good hearing and the ability to both hear the birds and point them out. He was very helpful to assist me when I did not see where the bird was. I would certainly like to travel with him again.

Heinz Ortmann
JH & JH - Namibia 2018

Heinz Ortmann is a great guide, organizer and traveling companion.

André Bernon
SS & SC: Namibia

Thank you for a wonderful trip! Thank you, Andre Bernon, for all you did to make it so memorable!

Namibia - Desert Birds & Big Game (Relaxed) 2024

30 Jun 2024 - 13 Jul 2024 (14 days)

ZAR109,950 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Heinz Ortmann

Tour price (Per person): ZAR109,950 * USD5,836 * GBP4,758 * EUR5,501 * AUD8,985

Single Supplement: ZAR7,150 * USD380 * GBP309 * EUR358 * AUD584

Namibia - Desert Birds & Big Game (Relaxed) 2025

25 Jun 2025 - 08 Jul 2025 (14 days)

ZAR115,000 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Gregory de Klerk

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): ZAR115,000 * USD6,104 * GBP4,977 * EUR5,754 * AUD9,398

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