Of all the world’s birding destinations, Papua New Guinea must certainly rank amongst the most fascinating and exotic. The second largest island on Earth, New Guinea was the last inhabited island to be explored by Europeans, and even today many areas have little or no exposure to Western influence. The virtually untouched forests come alive with incredible fruit doves, fig parrots, fairywrens, jewel-babblers, pittas, honeyeaters and berrypeckers, while over twenty species of dazzling birds-of-paradise present sometimes unbelievably iridescent colours and wild tail plumes in one of the most astonishing exhibits of the natural world!

Travelling by air, road, and boat we will explore the diverse habitats of the country, from winding lowland rivers and sprawling grasslands, to the richly forested highlands. Native tribes still dress themselves to mimic the island’s fabulous birds, adorned with elaborate head plumes made from the feathers of parrots and birds-of-paradise. Our eighteen-day tour covers the highlights of this enchanted and little-travelled country. We can expect a phenomenal variety of remarkable birds in and amongst vast regions of immaculate forests that have been experienced by few people on earth!

Top Birds

King of Saxony, Superb, Magnificent, King, Twelve-wired, Greater, Raggiana, Lesser & Blue Bird-of-paradise, Magnificent & Growling Riflebird, Black, Brown & Black-billed Sicklebill, Glossy-mantled, Crinkle-collared & Trumpet Manucode, Short-tailed Paradigalla, Ribbon-tailed & Princess Stephanie's Astrapia, Queen Carola's & Lawes's Parotia, Salvadori's Teal, Forest Bittern, Papuan, Pygmy & Gurney's Eagle, Doria's & Black-mantled Goshawk, Papuan Harrier, Chestnut & Forbes's Forest Rail, New Guinea Flightless Rail, New Guinea Woodcock, New Guinea Bronzewing, Cinnamon Ground Dove, Pheasant Pigeon, Southern Crowned Pigeon, Wompoo, Pink-spotted, Ornate, Orange-fronted, Superb, Coroneted, Beautiful, White-bibbed, Orange-bellied & Dwarf Fruit Dove, Purple-tailed, Rufescent, Pinon's, Collared, Zoe's & Torresian Imperial Pigeon, Papuan Mountain Pigeon, Papuan Boobook, Marbled & Papuan Frogmouth, Archbold's Nightjar, Feline, Starry, Wallace's, Mountain & Barred Owlet-Nightjar, Hook-billed, Common Paradise, Little Paradise, Buff-breasted Paradise, Brown-headed Paradise, Forest, Torresian, Yellow-billed, Mountain, Papuan Dwarf & Azure Kingfisher, Shovel-billed, Blue-winged & Rufous-bellied Kookaburra, Pesquet's, Yellow-capped & Buff-faced Pygmy, Papuan King, Eclectus & Brehm's Tiger Parrot, Striated, Red-flanked, Fairy, Papuan, Yellow-billed & Orange-billed Lorikeet, Purple-bellied, Dusky, Goldie's & Coconut Lorikeet, Orange-breasted Fig Parrot, Papuan Pitta, Archbold's, MacGregor's, Flame, Yellow-breasted & Fawn-breasted Bowerbird, Papuan Treecreeper, Wallace's, Emperor, White-shouldered & Orange-crowned Fairywren, Goldenface, Papuan Babbler, Papuan Logrunner, Loria's & Crested Satinbird, Tit & Crested Berrypecker, Papuan Whipbird, Spotted, Blue & Chestnut-backed Jewel-babbler, Painted Quail-thrush, Mottled Berryhunter, Papuan & Black Sittella, Wattled Ploughbill, Rufous-naped Whistler, Crested Pitohui, Lesser Melampitta & Greater Melampitta, Blue-capped Ifrit, Mountain Firetail, White-spotted, Great-billed, Grey-headed, Hooded & Chestnut-breasted Mannikin.

Top Mammals

Spectacled Dasyure, Black-tailed Giant Rat, Agile Wallaby, Great Flying Fox

Habitats Covered

lowland and montane rainforest, Eucalyptus savanna, mangroves, grasslands, wetlands, islets

Expected Climate

hot and humid with tropical showers, cooler in the highlands

Max Group Size

6 with 1 Rockjumper leader

Tour Pace & Walking

moderate pace with some longer hikes


comfortable to good hotels and lodges with one basic lodge

Ease of Birding

moderate, can be challenging at times

Number of Species Expected

300 - 350

Other Attractions

traditional carvings, spectacular forest vistas and mountain scenery

Photographic Opportunities


What our clients say about us

André Bernon
DK - PNG 2022

Andre and Lev were excellent guides, and ensured we had a great time, even when birding, the weather, or the inevitable logistical challenges of travel within PNG seemed to do their best to thwart us. They did an excellent job of managing expectations, but also ensuring that as many people in the group got to see the birds, while also understanding that not everyone would see ingle bird. Difficulties, whether with accommodations, weather, or even participants, were dealt with quickly, and I have no doubt far more issues were cleared before the group was even aware they existed! I look forward to returning to New Guinea (including West Papua) with Rockjumper soon, and also exploring more birding destinations with Lev and Andre or the other excellent guides you have!

Glen Valentine
AH, Papua New Guinea 2018

Glen Valentine was excellent, seeing and hearing most of the target birds, despite a very chatty, enthusiastic group that must have been very challenging at times.

André Bernon
IC - PNG 2022

Both Lev Frid and Andre Bernon were excellent guides. Lev was particularly emphatic about the vagaries of travel in PNG and the propensity for things to go wrong. Despite his warnings, the trip went extremely smoothly; the accommodation was all great be it the highly rustic (Kwatu) or high end (Walindi); the Papuan guides and ground team were very good; it was nice to see that Rockjumper was clearly supporting the local organisations; and overall both the Rockjumper guides and the Papuan bird guides were very knowledgeable. Overall, a really excellent experience on the ground.

Adam Walleyn
JB & SB, Papua New Guinea 2018

We are home having had an amazing trip to PNG....we were very impressed with Adam Walleyn and Gareth Robbins and would rate them very highly as tour leaders. Very Best Wishes from very satisfied customers.

Adam Walleyn
JH - Papua New Guinea 2019

Adam Walleyn knew the birds and the calls and worked hard to make sure we saw not only the specialties of the area but all the birds. His nightbirding skills were phenomenal. It is like he knew exactly where the bird was going to show.

Papua New Guinea - Birding in Paradise (Small Group) I 2024

02 Jun 2024 - 19 Jun 2024 (18 days)

PGK47,950 - 1 Space Available on this guaranteed departure


Tour Leader: Erik Forsyth

Tour price (Per person): PGK47,950 * USD12,331 * GBP9,655 * EUR11,355 * AUD18,519

Single Supplement: PGK4,950 * USD1,273 * GBP997 * EUR1,172 * AUD1,912

Flight costs: PGK5,950 * USD1,530 * GBP1,198 * EUR1,409 * AUD2,298

Can be linked with: Papua New Guinea - New Britain I 2024

Papua New Guinea - Birding in Paradise (Small Group) II 2024

02 Sep 2024 - 19 Sep 2024 (18 days)

PGK47,950 - No Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Stephan Lorenz

Tour price (Per person): PGK47,950 * USD12,331 * GBP9,655 * EUR11,355 * AUD18,519

Single Supplement: PGK4,950 * USD1,273 * GBP997 * EUR1,172 * AUD1,912

Flight costs: PGK5,950 * USD1,530 * GBP1,198 * EUR1,409 * AUD2,298

Can be linked with: Papua New Guinea - New Britain III 2024

Papua New Guinea - Birding in Paradise (Small Group) 2025

20 Aug 2025 - 06 Sep 2025 (18 days)

PGK47,950 - 1 Space Available


Tour Leader: Erik Forsyth

Tour price (Per person): PGK47,950 * USD12,331 * GBP9,655 * EUR11,355 * AUD18,519

Single Supplement: PGK4,950 * USD1,273 * GBP997 * EUR1,172 * AUD1,912

Flight costs: PGK3,400 * USD874 * GBP685 * EUR805 * AUD1,313

Can be linked with: Papua New Guinea - New Britain III 2025

Papua New Guinea - Birding in Paradise (Small Group) 2026

25 Jul 2026 - 11 Aug 2026 (18 days)

PGK49,900 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Paul Varney

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): PGK49,900 * USD12,832 * GBP10,047 * EUR11,816 * AUD19,272

Can be linked with: Papua New Guinea - New Britain II 2026

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