Our tour of Peru’s central Andes is designed to search for a wide variety of scare and rare species, many of which are localised endemics, a testament to the rich avian diversity of Peru in general. A mountainous country, Peru’s isolated valleys and cordilleras have seen avian evolution at its finest, with many species being described to science in recent years.

We will visit a variety of habitats during our tour, including high-altitude lakes, cloud forests, and Andean grasslands. This will give us the opportunity to find more than 50 endemics, including some of the most sought-after birds in Peru.

Just some of the birds we are targeting include Golden-backed Mountain Tanager, Pardusco, Rufous-browed Hemispingus, Junin Grebe, Creamy-bellied Antwren, Fire-throated Metaltail, Marcapata Spinetail, Eye-ringed Thistletail, Black-goggled Brushfinch, several antpittas and tapaculos, Masked Fruiteater, Bay-vented and White-cheecked Cotingas, Royal, White-breasted and Peruvian Seaside Cinclodes, Tit-like Dacnis and Yellowscarfed Tanager.

Top Birds

Junin Grebe; Black-necked Hillstar; Bronze-tailed Comet; Coppery, Fiery-throated & Black Metaltails; Gren-and-white Hummingbird; 'Junin' Rail; Black-necked Woodpecker; Creamy-bellied Antwren; Bay, Chestnut, Chachapoyas, Panao & Junin Antpittas; Junin, Jalca, Large-footed, Neblina & Tschudi's Tapaculos; Coastal & Dark-winged Miners; Striated Earthcreeper; White-bellied & Peruvian Seaside Cinclodes; Rusty-crowned Tit-Spinetail; Junin & Cactus Canasteros; Eye-ringed Thistletail; Marcapata & Creamy-crested Canasteros; Cerulean-capped Manakain; Masked Fruiteater; White-cheeked & Bay-vented Cotingas; Inca Flycatacher; Peruvian Tyrannulet; Unstreaked Tit-Tyrant; Peruvian Wren; Tricolored, Black-spectacled, 'Taczanowski's' & Rusty-bellied Brushfinches; 'Peruvian' Citrine Warbler; Rufous-backed Inca Finch; White-browed Hemispingus; Brown-flanked & Yellow-scarfed Tanagers; Pardusco; Tit-like Dacnis; 'Streak-crowned' & Golden-backed Mountain Tanagers.

Expected Climate

variable from very warm to cold. High altitude areas can be very cold. At lower altitude, can be warm to very hot on the western coast. Some rain is to be expected.

Max Group Size

8 with 1 Rockjumper leader

Tour Pace & Walking

fast paced, several long, winding drives


variable from basic to comfortable

Ease of Birding

moderate to difficult

Photographic Opportunities

worthwhile to good

What our clients say about us

Forrest Rowland
GR, Peru 2018

The tour was fantastic. Forrest Rowland, did a terrific job spotting birds, giving us clear directions to actually sight the birds and displayed plenty of patience in the process.

Robert Williams
GW, Peru 2022

This is my first birdwatching tour organized by a company such as Rockjumper, but I have been on tours organized by my local Naturalist Society. Both Rob and Miguel were excellent. They worked extremally hard to keep everyone happy, find as many species as possible and get everyone onto each sighting.

Robert Williams
TE, Northern Peru 2015

Rob Williams was a brilliant guide in all respects. Throughout the three weeks, he gave the group his all. He is outstanding, and we would love to travel with him again.

Robert Williams
UA, Peru

Rob Williams is right up there among the very best tour leaders. His vast experience from lots of research and conservation projects and intimate knowledge of the country add lots of value compared to a tour leader who is "just" a good organiser, birder and guide. He is also great company, with a sublime sense of humour.

Robert Williams
CB - Peru 2022

Guides were awesome. Found lots of birds; guide was way too knowledgeable about the bird species and taxonomy.

Peru - Central: Rare Andean Endemics 2024

24 Sep 2024 - 09 Oct 2024 (16 days)

USD6,495 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Forrest Rowland

Tour price (Per person): USD6,495 * GBP5,303 * EUR6,107 * AUD10,080

Single Supplement: USD600 * GBP490 * EUR564 * AUD931

Flight costs: USD940 * GBP768 * EUR884 * AUD1,459

Peru - Central: Rare Andean Endemics 2025

28 Oct 2025 - 12 Nov 2025 (16 days)

USD7,000 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Robert Williams

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): USD7,000 * GBP5,716 * EUR6,582 * AUD10,864

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