We complete our series of tours by visiting several Incan archaeological sites, which also includes some very interesting birding. Starting in the Incan Capital of Cusco, we explore the Sacred Valley and other Incan heritage sites covering Sacsayhuaman, Qenko, Pisac, Moray, Lago Huaypo, Ollantaytambo and perhaps the most famous tourist site in the world, Machu Picchu. We also have very good opportunities of finding the localised endemic, Inca Wren, alongside other avian treats, including Chestnut-breasted Mountain Finch, Bearded Mountaineer, and Parodi’s Hemispingus.

Top Birds

Inca Wren; Bearded Mountaineer; Green-and-white & Giant Hummingbirds; Creamy-crested Spinetail; Chestnut-breasted Mountain Finch; Long-tailed Sylph; Torrent Duck; White-capped Dipper; White-eared Solitaire; Sclater’s & Bolivian Tyrannulets; Silver-backed Tanager; Oleaginous & Parodi's Hemispinguses; Capped Conebill; Cinnamon & Puna Teals; Yellow-winged Blackbird; Many-colored Rush Tyrant; Bare-faced Ground Dove; Andean Flicker; Peruvian Sierra Finch; Hooded Siskin; Band-tailed Seedeater.

Habitats Covered

Polylepis forests, mountains, lakes

Expected Climate

cool to cold

Max Group Size

8 with 1 Rockjumper leader

Tour Pace & Walking




Ease of Birding

comfortable. Some high altitude areas

Other Attractions

Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, Cusco (the historical Incan capital city of Peru), Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Qenko, Sacsayhuaman.

Photographic Opportunities

good to excellent

What our clients say about us

Forrest Rowland
JB & KB, Peru 2018

This was an excellent tour! We saw so many great birds, and had many delicious meals from pizza to ceviche. The time spent birding and touring Kuelap was a highlight. To top everything off, Forrest Rowland is an awesome leader. In addition to hearing, seeing and getting everyone on the birds, he told wonderful stories and kept everyone laughing. All in all, we had a terrific time.

Robert Williams
PM, Peru

Rob Williams is the best guide I have ever birded with - wonderful birding and people skills.

Robert Williams
CB - Peru 2022

Guides were awesome. Found lots of birds; guide was way too knowledgeable about the bird species and taxonomy.

Lev Frid
GM, Peru 2023

This tour and the extension tour were exceptional. Of course the birds were a real pleasure to view, scenery was unbelievable, food and lodging were excellent. The main highlight were the people. A wonderful, fun group to be with. Hope I see everyone on another trip. The driver not only carried us many miles safely, he did so many other things for us, making certain getting out of bus safely, setting up for meals, and on and on. The local guide got us onto so many birds with his x-ray vision (seemed that way) and was helpful in so many ways. He and the driver were simply put, very nice people. I addition to his obvious bird locating and identification skills, Lev has exceptional people skills with his attentiveness and humor. I had a problem with the altitude one day. I wa., to put it simply.. very slow..lots of breaks. Lev was with the whole way and made certain I was OK. I am very appreciative for that. Thanks again. Its things like that, to me, that makes a guide exceptional. Lev is an exceptional guide. Now to the office team. Wow. Tia and Sarah were so helpful to me with all the questions I had. Not only do they have the answers. the answers come quickly. And I thank them for their patience. As usual, a wonderful job. Thanks again. Lastly, to the Peruvian people, the tour group, the guides, drivers, cooks, office staff and to many others. Thank you. Take care everyone.

Robert Williams
GW, Peru 2022

This is my first birdwatching tour organized by a company such as Rockjumper, but I have been on tours organized by my local Naturalist Society. Both Rob and Miguel were excellent. They worked extremally hard to keep everyone happy, find as many species as possible and get everyone onto each sighting.

Peru - Southern: Machu Picchu Extension 2025

06 Jun 2025 - 09 Jun 2025 (4 days)

USD2,995 - 3 Spaces Available

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Tour Leader: Adam Walleyn

Tour price (Per person): USD2,995 * GBP2,353 * EUR2,797 * AUD4,525

Single Supplement: USD330 * GBP259 * EUR308 * AUD499

Flight costs: USD110 * GBP86 * EUR103 * AUD166

Can be linked with: Peru - Southern: Classic Andes & Manu Road 2025

Peru - Southern: Machu Picchu Extension 2026

13 May 2026 - 16 May 2026 (4 days)

USD3,100 - Spaces Available

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Tour Leader: Lev Frid

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): USD3,100 * GBP2,435 * EUR2,895 * AUD4,684

Can be linked with: Peru - Southern: Classic Andes & Manu Road 2026

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