Antarctica is surely the ultimate destination! The scenic settings are as magnificent as any on earth, and the scale of nearly everything is grand to say the least. Complimenting these astounding vistas are vast colonies of majestic penguins, brash skuas, giant petrels, weird sheathbills, somnolent seals and feeding whales that all add life to the region’s stark and amazing beauty. Our birding cruise traverses some of the most interesting areas in the Southern Ocean; notably the Falkland and South Georgia Islands, both of which are renowned as among the richest of all Subantarctic islands. South Georgia’s rugged beauty is worthy of Antarctica itself, while the Falkland Islands are better known as the battlegrounds for the 1982 Anglo-Argentine War. Several days are spent at sea, cruising from one island group to the next until we find ourselves at the very tip of the icy continent itself. These crossings provide thrilling pelagic birding, with huge numbers of albatrosses, petrels, prions, skuas and other seabirds making a daily appearance. Cetaceans are also regular, ranging from the largest whales to the striking Hourglass and Commerson’s Dolphins. This journey to Antarctica is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and cannot come more highly recommended!

Tour Price is dependent on selected and/or available cabins.

Top Birds

King, Emperor, Gentoo, Adelie, Chinstrap, Southern Rockhopper, Macaroni & Magellanic Penguins; Flying, Fuegian & Falkland Steamer Ducks; Upland, Kelp & Ruddy-headed Goose; Yellow-billed Pintail; Wandering, Southern Royal, Northern Royal, Light-mantled, Black-browed & Grey-headed Albatrosses; Wilson's, Grey-backed & Black-bellied Storm Petrels; Southern & Northern Giant Petrels; Southern Fulmar; Antarctic, Cape, Snow, Blue, White-headed, White-chinned, Kerguelen & Great-winged Petrels; Antarctic, Slender-billed & Fairy Prions; Sooty & Great Shearwaters; Magellanic, South Georgia & Common Diving Petrels; Rock, Imperial, South Georgia & Antarctic Shags; Snowy Sheathbill; Magellanic & Blackish Oystercatchers; Two-banded & Rufous-chested Plovers; Dolphin Gull; Chilean, South Polar & Brown Skuas; Striated Caracara; Blackish Cinclodes; Dark-faced Ground Tyrant; Grass & Cobb's Wren; Austral Thrush; Correndera & South Georgia Pipits; Black-chinned Siskin; Long-tailed Meadowlark; White-bridled & Black-throated Finches.

Top Mammals

South American & Antarctic Fur Seals; South American Sea Lion; Leopard, Weddell, Crabeater & Southern Elephant Seals; Burmeister's Porpoise; Southern Bottlenose, Long-finned Pilot, Killer, Antarctic Minke, Sei, Fin & Humpback Whales; Peale's, Hourglass & Commerson's Dolphins.

Habitats Covered

coastal and pelagic waters, sub-Antarctic islands & Antarctic Peninsula, pack ice

Expected Climate

temperate to subzero, sunny and calm to gale force conditions can be expected

Max Group Size

up to 40 with 2 Tour Leaders / 41 to 76 with 4 Tour Leaders / A number of expert expedition staff in additions

Tour Pace & Walking

easy pace, mostly undemanding walks


comfortable expedition cruise ship

Ease of Birding


Number of Species Expected


Other Attractions

spectacular sub-Antarctic scenery, the most remote continent, icebergs and pack ice, nesting albatrosses, vast penguin colonies

Photographic Opportunities


What our clients say about us

Adam Riley
SS, Antarctica 2022

A very successful and amazing trip! Many thanks to Daniel and Adam for all of the hours they spent on deck identifying birds (many of them requiring a photo to be sure)! The Ocean Victory is a stable and extremely comfortable vessel - great staff and good food. I truly appreciate that Rockjumper arranged the special trip for the N. Rockhopper Penguin. It was truly a trip of a lifetime!

Keith Valentine
CS, Antarctica 2022

Your team was exceptional! So friendly and accommodating! So open to answer questions and share their knowledge. ALWAYS so happy! It was joy being around your team.

Harriet Faithfull
FS, Antarctica

Holly was great! I hope to travel with her again.

Adam Riley
JW, Antarctica 2022

This tour was extraordinary, very well organized despite vagaries of the weather at times. The ship crew were very well trained and experienced helping people get on and off the zodiacs. Very smooth operation. The guides Adam and Dan were phenomenal and very helpful in locating fast moving seabirds from a heaving deck! Niki was quietly working behind the scenes making sure everyone was enjoying the cruise.

Glen Valentine
WB, Antarctica 2022

I have been on other Rockjumper tours so I knew to expect excellent guides and was not disappointed. I was also very impressed with Quark Expeditions they were great. I would also like to add that Sarah Dell made the process prior to the cruise a comfortable experience. She responded to my questions quickly and was very patient in going over things that she had already covered months before

Antarctica - Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctica 2024

04 Nov 2024 - 23 Nov 2024 (20 days)

USD18,995 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Expedition Leader

Tour price (Per person): USD18,995 * EUR17,549 * GBP14,981 * AUD28,972 * ZAR366,983

Antarctica - Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctica 2025

13 Nov 2025 - 02 Dec 2025 (20 days)

USD17,951 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Expedition Leader

Pricing notes : *Special prices vary depending on spaces available at time of booking.

Tour price (Per person): USD28,495 * EUR26,326 * GBP22,473 * AUD43,462 * ZAR550,523USD17,951 * EUR16,585 * GBP14,158 * AUD27,380 * ZAR346,813

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