This Birding, Wine and Big Game tour has been specifically crafted for those who wish to view the wide variety of South Africa’s most sought after birds and mammals, whilst also enjoying South Africa’s award-winning, famous wines. We base ourselves in Cape Town for the beginning of the tour, widely recognised as one of the world’s most beautiful cities and within easy reach of the country’s prime vineyards! From here we venture north along the Atlantic Coast, experiencing the diverse ecosystem of the West Coast National Park, before heading east for the interior dry country riches of the Tanqua Karoo. After exploring and sampling the best wines of the Western Cape, we wing our way to the province of KwaZulu-Natal on South Africa’s eastern seaboard. From our base within the Manyoni Private Game Reserve, a private 'Big 5' wildlife reserve, we shall enjoy comfortable game drives through some of the country’s finest birding and mammal habitat. From the endemic rich Fynbos Kingdom of the Western Cape to the teeming wildlife of Manyoni Private Game Reserve, this tour offers the very best of southern African birding, game viewing and wine!

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Tour Facts Top Birds
Western Cape: Cape Rockjumper, Cape Sugarbird, Cape Siskin, Protea and Cape Canaries, Orange-breasted, Malachite & Southern Double-collared Sunbirds, African Penguin, African Oystercatcher, Crowned, Bank & Cape Cormorants, Black Harrier, Southern Black and Karoo Korhaans, Cape Spurfowl, Bokmakierie, Jackal Buzzard, Southern Boubou, Swee Waxbill, Karoo and Large-billed Larks, Karoo Eremomela, Ground Woodpecker, Cape Weaver, Cape Bulbul, Maccoa Duck, Cape Teal, Cape Shoveler, South African Shelduck, Victorin’s, Cinnamon-breasted, Rufous-eared and Namaqua Warblers, Cape Penduline Tit, White-backed Mousebird, Greater and Lesser Flamingos Zululand: Common Ostrich, Saddle-billed and Marabou Storks, African Openbill, Bateleur, Martial, Crowned, African Hawk- and Tawny Eagles, African Cuckoo-Hawk, Dark Chanting Goshawk, Lappet-faced Vulture, Natal Spurfowl, Crested Guineafowl, Bronze-winged Courser, Southern White-faced Owl, Trumpeter and Crowned Hornbills, Neergaard’s and Scarlet-chested Sunbirds, African Broadbill, Gorgeous, Orange-breasted & Grey-headed Bushshrikes, Pink-throated Twinspot, Rudd’s Apalis, Eastern Nicator, Bearded Scrub Robin, White-throated, White-browed and Red-capped Robin-Chats, White-eared Barbet, Black-bellied & Violet-backed Starlings, Narina Trogon, Blue-mantled & African Paradise Flycatchers, Black-bellied Bustard
Top Mammals
Western Cape: Afro-Australian Fur Seal, Common Eland, Blesbok (Bontebok), (Cape) Mountain Zebra, (Red) Hartebeest, Cape Grysbok, Cape Grey Mongoose Zululand: The ‘Big 5’ (Lion, Leopard, African Elephant, Black and White Rhinoceroses, African Buffalo), Cheetah, African Wild Dog, Serval, Waterbuck, Natal Red & Grey Duikers, Steenbok, Bushbuck, Common Wildebeest, Plains Zebra, Giraffe, Chacma Baboon and Vervet, Hippopotamus, Spotted Hyena, Cape Porcupine, Black-backed Jackal, White-tailed Mongoose, Common Genet, African Savanna Hare and Thick-tailed Greater Galago
Habitats Covered
Western Cape: mountains, Fynbos, coastal waters, semi desert, wetlands Zululand: acacia savanna, bushveld, sand forest, riverine forest, grasslands, rivers, wetlands
Expected Climate
Western Cape: subtropical with occasional rain, can be cold at times Zululand: subtropical and dry, warm to hot
Max Group Size
9 with 1 Rockjumper leader
Tour Pace & Walking
relaxed to moderate pace with undemanding walks
comfortable to very comfortable
Ease of Birding
mostly easy with a few tougher species
Other Attractions
Western Cape: Table Mountain, incredible coastal scenery, Tanqua-Karoo, great food & wine Zululand: vast, pristine wilderness, large numbers of African mega-fauna
Photographic Opportunities
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

This was my first Rockjumper trip, and it was a great one! Gareth was an outstanding guide, with a detailed knowledge about the birds and where to find them, and a great sense of humor as well. I will be signing up for another tour with him.

Julian did an outstanding job leading the tour. I understand he is a new guide w/ Rockjumper, but it seemed like he had years of experience. His birding skills were superb, as expected. His knowledge of all the obscure larks and LBJs was very impressive. Importantly, he handled logistics very well, managed client expectations and personalities superbly, and was always cheerful and kept things positive. I've got to give a nod to the driver as well, he was a joy to be around. Always cheerful (regardless of tire problems in the Karoo) and willing to jimmy the vehicle around so everyone gets a good look. A definite asset to the tour. I understand these trips run smoothly because of all the support back at the office. Thanks to everyone involved. All of my communications pre-tour were handled promptly and professionally. The whole Rockjumper team were a real pleasure to work with. Can't wait to do it again!

Our guide Doug McCulloch was excellent; superb at finding birds, hard working and good with people. His knowledge about, not only the birds, but also ecology and South African society, contributed to making the trip a wonderful experience.

There are not enough superlatives to describe Daniel Danckwerts! He is a superstar of a guide and I am glad I had the opportunity to tour with him, because he will be in great demand when the word gets out how amazing this tour was! Although he is one of your junior guides, he conducts himself with poise and confidence in excess of his years. His passion for birding, culture and history is unsurpassed and his laugh is absolutely infectious.  He knew all the hotspots for the notoriously difficult species on this tour and even when the birds weren't cooperating, he devised innovative means to ensure the group would have the best opportunity to see these very, very elusive birds. We learned a few lessons on this inaugural tour about patience and stamina.... it is certainly not for the faint-hearted because it requires a lot of hard work but the rewards certainly exceeded the effort.  Where else do you have the opportunity to see mythic flufftails and crakes all in one place? I will absolutely travel with Daniel again!

Our trip leader Doug was fantastic. He is clearly an expert birder with an admirable academic background. Doug also took an interest in the enjoyment and comfort of each guest. He frequently went above and beyond and always cheerfully went about loading and unloading all our luggage at our many locations, assisting all of us in many ways. The group was, on average, senior citizen age and he was very patient and helpful. He got us up first thing in the morning and spent the entire day diligently searching out the birds for us. We ended up with over 400 species in the two weeks, plus many furry creatures as well (including all the big 5 several times).

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