Spain has long been a very popular birdwatching destination, offering a wide range of Mediterranean habitats along with safe, easy and excellent birding. Many sites are in beautifully scenic settings, featuring Romanesque architecture and ancient, fortified hilltop villages; whilst much of interior Spain that we visit is very rural and way off the tourist trail. Our comprehensive itinerary is specially designed for a great diversity of birds and concentrates on three major and distinct habitats: the semi-arid steppes and cork-oak dehesas (a type of wooded pastureland) of the central and northern interior, the scenic Sierras and high, alpine Pyrenees to the north in Catalonia, and the wetlands and marshes of Doñana National Park on the Atlantic coast. During spring, the area’s many resident and breeding birds are joined by migrants en route from Africa to their northern nesting areas, and some of the fabulous species we hope to see include Spanish Imperial Eagle (up to 23 raptor species are possible!), Great and Little Bustards, Pin-tailed and Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Spectacled Warbler, Alpine Accentor, both species of noisy Chough, White-throated Dipper and the fabulous Wallcreeper. Our journey begins in the southern city of Seville, travels through the steppes and heartland of Spain with stops in the Sierra de Gredos before reaching the mighty Pyrenees, and then continues east to the historic city of Barcelona. We travel in spacious and comfortable vehicles, the food is delicious and plentiful; while our accommodations are mostly family-run establishments in pleasant and beautifully renovated ancient stone farmhouses, nestled in quiet and charming villages.

Top Birds

Great & Little Bustards; Wallcreeper; Red-necked & Common Nightjars; Iberian Magpie; Western Swamphen; Ferruginous Duck (rare); Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin; Red & Black Kites; Short-toed Snake, Booted, Golden, Bonelli's & Spanish Imperial Eagles; Cinereous, Egyptian, Bearded & Griffon Vultures; European Honey Buzzard; Eurasian Crag Martin; Dupont’s, Calandra, Thekla’s, Crested & Greater Short-toed Larks; Pin-tailed & Black-bellied Sandgrouse; Great Spotted Cuckoo; Iberian Grey Shrike; Eurasian Stone-curlew; Spanish Sparrow; Eurasian Eagle-Owl; Eurasian Scops Owl; Eurasian Golden Oriole; Red-rumped Swallow; Yellow-legged Gull; Ortolan Bunting; Iberian Green, Black, Middle Spotted & White-backed (rare) Woodpeckers; Citril Finch; White-throated Dipper; European Crested, Long-tailed & Eurasian Penduline Tits; European Pied Flycatcher; Bluethroat; Water Pipit; Red-legged Partridge; Woodchat Shrike; Red-billed & Alpine Chough; Iberian Chiffchaff; Alpine Accentor; White-winged Snowfinch; Western Capercaillie (rare); Rock Ptarmigan (rare); Boreal (Tengmalm’s) Owl (rare); Black Wheatear; Eurasian & Little Bitterns; Bearded Reedling; Water Rail; Melodious, Dartford, Sardinian, Western Bonelli’s, Spectacled, Subalpine, Western Olivaceous & Western Orphean Warblers, Scopoli’s & Balearic Shearwaters; White-rumped Swift; Common Firecrest; Whiskered & Gull-billed Terns.

Top Mammals

Red Fox; Red Deer; Fallow Deer; Iberian Hare; European Rabbit; Wild Boar; Iberian Lynx (very rare); Spanish Ibex.

Habitats Covered

coastal wetlands, cork-oak dehesas, deciduous woodlands, olive groves, mountain crags, grasslands

Expected Climate

temperate, mainly mild

Max Group Size

6 with 1 Tour leader

Tour Pace & Walking

Undemanding. Most species provide good visuals in open conditions.



Ease of Birding

Undemanding. Most species provide good visuals in open conditions.

Number of Species Expected

230 - 250

Other Attractions

Grand Canyon of Castilla y Leon, ancient historical buildings & sites, great scenery, excellent food & wine

Photographic Opportunities

Worthwhile to good.

What our clients say about us

Robert Williams
CK, Spain 2018

I enjoyed the tour and was especially pleased with our tour leader, Rob Williams, and both local guides, who were excellent and very adept at finding our target birds as well as managing all the logistics required by a trip of this nature. This was my first Rockjumper birding tour and the tour exceeded my expectations.

Dušan Brinkhuizen
DB & AB, Spain 2022

Our guides were wonderful. Yeray was excellent on the extension, and we continued to ride in his van for the main tour. His knowledge of Spain, and the birds was amazing. He took so much care of his group and really was concerned about every detail. Dusan is such an enthusiastic bird guide, so excited about birds and getting everyone on the birds. His knowledge of the birds in Spain was fantastic.

Yeray Seminario
KH, Spain 2023

This was a great short tour, well-designed to get us into a wide range of habitats for a fine selection of European birds. Yeray Seminario did a fantastic job of finding Spains specialties while making adjustments to dodge persistent rainstorms during the week and a local festival in Andalusia. He was knowledgeable, helpful, patient, and fun to bird with, and I would not hesitate to recommend his tours or travel with him again. There were lots of great birds; I particularly enjoyed the vultures, raptors, and the very accessible Northern Bald Ibis colony. Accommodations were great, particularly our last day at a lodge that specifically targeted birders, with its own hides. It was also a very fun group of birders. These days, shorter tours with smaller groups fill the bill for me, and I would love to see more of them!

Dušan Brinkhuizen
SJ - Spain 2022

Wonderful tour. The guides – Dusan and Yeray – were both fantastic; their bird expertise, patience and senses of humour very much appreciated. The local guides were top notch as well. The accommodation and food were excellent. The scenery, spring wildflowers, stone villages, etc. all made the trip extraordinary.

Robert Williams
TW, Spain 2022

Both leaders were very good, especially Rob who combines great birding knowledge with a friendly and helpful attitude. He is one of the best leaders of any company that I have travelled with. The tour seemed to successfully balance the expectations of the keener birders like me with those who had a more relaxed style of birding. I thought the hotels were good, and well located for those of us who like to go out birding during down time. The food was very good, and occasionally excellent. Overall it was a very enjoyable tour and gave me a very positive first impression of Rockjumper.

Spain - Best of Birding (Small Group) 2025

06 May 2025 - 20 May 2025 (15 days)

EUR5,195 - 4 Spaces Available

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Tour Leader: Yeray Seminario

Tour price (Per person): EUR5,195 * USD5,554 * GBP4,366 * AUD8,399

Single Supplement: EUR600 * USD642 * GBP504 * AUD970

Spain - Best of Birding (Small Group) 2026

05 May 2026 - 19 May 2026 (15 days)

EUR5,400 - Spaces Available

Book Now

Tour Leader: Yeray Seminario

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): EUR5,400 * USD5,774 * GBP4,538 * AUD8,731

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