Composed of 7,107 islands strewn across a vast stretch of tropical sea, the Philippines occupy the unenviable position of harbouring the most birds facing imminent extinction. Many of these critically endangered yet spectacular species survive only in increasingly shrinking remnants of habitat. During our tour, we can expect to encounter close to 150 endemic birds and many other spectacular migrants and residents. Our Endangered Endemics tour explores the Philippines’ three largest islands. On Luzon, we visit sites for Stripe-headed Rhabdornis, Scale-feathered Malkoha, Coleto, the sensational Yellow-breasted Fruit Dove, secretive Whiskered Pitta and recently discovered Chocolate Boobook. Mindanao hosts the largest tracts of remaining lowland forest and here we search for the secretive Wattled Broadbill, Azure-breasted Pitta and beautiful Philippine Trogon.

The forested slopes of Mount Kitanglad are the most reliable site for the magnificent Philippine (Monkey-eating) Eagle, this giant raptor is often rated as the world’s single-most desirable bird! Here we will also search for another recently discovered bird, Bukidnon Woodcock, as well as Apo Myna and Giant Scops Owl. On Palawan, white sandy beaches, extensive coral reefs and an underground river make a spectacular backdrop for several specials we are likely to find. Highlights include the mound-building Philippine Megapode, Philippine and Hooded Pittas, the incredibly beautiful Blue Paradise Flycatcher and glittering Palawan Peacock-Pheasant.

Top Birds

One of the highest endemic species counts of any country on Earth! Between 160 and 190 endemics & near-endemics expected; Philippine Eagle; Philippine Serpent Eagle; Philippine & Pinsker's Hawk-Eagle; Philippine Honey Buzzard; Philippine & Palawan Frogmouth; Philippine Nightjar; Eastern Grass Owl; 3 endemic Boobooks; 6 endemic Scops Owls including Giant; Philippine Hawk-Cuckoo; Stripe-headed & Stripe-breasted Rhabdornis; Scale-feathered & Rough-crested Malkoha; Rufous & Black-faced Coucals; Yellow-breasted Fruit Dove; chance of Luzon & Mindanao Bleeding-heart; Celestial & Short-crested Monarch; 6 endemic Kingfishers including Spotted Wood, Hombron’s, Winchell's & Southern Silvery; Wattled Broadbill; Azure-breasted & Philippine Pittas; Philippine Trogon; Philippine Megapode; Bukidnon Woodcock; 5 endemic Racket-tails; 5 endemic Honrbills including Rufous & Writhed; Palawan Hornbill; Philippine Falconet; Red-vented Cockatoo; 4 endemic Fantails; Rufous & Blue Paradise Flycatchers; 5 endemic Tailorbirds; Falcated & Striated Wren-Babblers; Philippine & Palawan Fairy-bluebirds; White-browed & White-vented Shamas; Philippine & Yellow-throated Leafbirds; 11 endemic Flowerpeckers including Whiskered; 10 endemic Sunbirds including Apo & Lina's; 3 endemic Spiderhunters; Red-eared Parrotfinch; Cinnamon Ibon; White-cheeked Bullfinch; Ashy Thrush; 6 endemic woodpeckers including Northern Sooty & 4 Flamebacks; Coleto; Apo Myna; Elegant & Palawan Tits; Sulphur-billed Nuthatch; Guaiabero; Fair chance of Chinese Crested Tern

Top Mammals

huge Flying Fox roosts consisting of 3 species (Golden-capped, Philippine Grey & Large)

Habitats Covered

lowland, foothill and montane rainforest, bamboo forest, woodlands, rivers and wetlands, mudflats

Expected Climate

hot and humid in the lowlands, cool at night but warm during the day in the highlands, some rain expected

Max Group Size

10 with 1 Rockjumper leader & 1 local leader

Tour Pace & Walking

demanding to moderate pace, birding mostly along tracks and roads through the forest or at the edge, some long walks on forest trails on Mt.Kitanglad


mostly comfortable, one basic lodge

Ease of Birding


Number of Species Expected

310 - 330

Other Attractions

around 160 Philippines endemics & near-endemics expected, 180 endemics if you combine the extension, St Paul’s underground river, highly threatened forests & endemic birds, Palawan Monitor Lizards

Photographic Opportunities


What our clients say about us

Erik Forsyth
MY, The Philippines 2018

It was amazing that the guides could make the tour so enjoyable despite having rain 8 days out of 10! Guides were excellent. Erik Forsyth was very knowledgeable and personable.

Glen Valentine
TB, The Philippines 2023

The Philippines endangered endemics and the Visayan Extension were spectacular. Lots of good and rare birds, despite a number of problems and pressure on the birds and their habitats. Glen, our main tour leader is top = knowledgable, super well organized, considerate etc. He was very well supported by Ivan, Yu and others. I personally liked the sites Mt. Kintanglad, Palawan, Twin Lakes and Bohl, where the habitat is still mainly intact. Id recommend the tour to other birding enthusiasts !

Erik Forsyth
JT, The Philippines 2018

The guides were knowledgeable, energetic, and very personable. I would go with Erik Forsyth anytime, anywhere. He made sure we were comfortable, well fed, and saw the birds, not an easy feat with the constant rainy conditions. I also appreciated his sense of humour. Yes, I would go with Rockjumper again, and I am planning on a 2019 trip already. They have become my favourite bird tour company for many reasons.

Erik Forsyth
RW & SW, The Philippines 2018

We saw some good birds and are happy about that. Erik Forsyth is an excellent guide and companion. We would certainly travel with him again. He was most helpful for those of us whose eyes are not as sharp as they once were. Erik managed the group well and group dynamics were excellent. Local guides, such as at PICOP, were very friendly and most helpful. The Philippine ground agent/bird guide, Mark Villa, was certainly knowledgeable about the local birds and a good source of information. We have enjoyed Rockjumper tours in the past and hope to again.

Erik Forsyth
JV, The Philippines 2018

Although we had plenty of rain the trip turned out to be very rewarding. Erik Forsyth did an excellent job in trying to accommodate my strange request for knowledge on the vegetation of the Philippines. Although both Mark and he had no idea on how to respond to this request, they were able to get a tree book for my use. After losing the use of my cell phone which was used to take photos of the vegetation for future identification, Mark followed up by taking photos for me.

The Philippines - Endangered Endemics 2025

08 Mar 2025 - 28 Mar 2025 (21 days)

USD6,795 - 3 Spaces Available

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Tour Leader: Adam Walleyn

Tour price (Per person): USD6,795 * GBP5,237 * EUR6,233 * AUD10,088

Single Supplement: USD730 * GBP563 * EUR670 * AUD1,084

Flight costs: USD430 * GBP331 * EUR394 * AUD638

Can be linked with: The Philippines - Visayan Islands Extension 2025

The Philippines - Endangered Endemics 2026

14 Mar 2026 - 03 Apr 2026 (21 days)

USD7,100 - Spaces Available

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Tour Leader: Glen Valentine


Tour Leader: Local Leader

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): USD7,100 * GBP5,472 * EUR6,513 * AUD10,541

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