Our Kenya and Tanzania birding tours take us to these remarkable African safari destinations, each boasting a bird list in excess of a thousand species! As such they epitomize Africa’s reputation as "the birding tours continent", hosting a profusion of outrageously colorful and easily observable birds. Augmenting this incredible birding, our tours guarantee you "front row seats" to the finest mammal show on the planet. Over our many years of operation in this region, we have tailored an exciting portfolio of tours to satisfy every visitor, from hardcore birders to travelers seeking a more diverse vacation blending birding, wildlife and cultural activities with luxury game lodges.Our Kenya & Tanzania Birds & Big Game birding tours are designed to maximize both big game and birdwatching experiences by selecting the very best and most accessible destinations of these two fantastic African nations. On our Tanzania birding tours we explore the floor of the legendary Ngorongoro Crater, literally teeming with mammals and birdlife, the endless plains of the Serengeti, and the verdant riverbeds of Tarangire. In Kenya we visit key reserves offering a variety of habitats, from Amboseli in the shadows of Mt. Kilimanjaro, to the montane forests of Mt. Kenya, fantastic Shaba in the dry Samburu region, as well as Lake Nakuru, glowing pink with up to two million Lesser Flamingos! Offering over 450 bird species and unparalleled African mammal experiences, it’s no surprise that this remains one of our most popular tours. Furthermore, a small group size of just 6 guests makes for a very personalized experience.

Our Kenya Mega Birding tour provides 26 days of non-stop birdwatching! This Kenya birding tour typically produces an astounding total of over 800 bird species, as well as an amazing diversity of large mammals. Not only do we obtain a huge list of mouth-watering species, but also Kenya’s most sought-after rarities and endemics. We explore areas that include Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, Tsavo West and East, the isolated Taita Hills, Lake Baringo, Kakamega and the plains of the Masai Mara. This is simply the finest tour available.

Our Budget Kenya tour highlights some of Africa’s most iconic and famous wildlife reserves. Our tour begins with an exploration of Mount Kenya, shrouded in montane forest – it is Africa’s second highest peak. Leaving the cool forests, we descend to the nutrient rich Lake Nakuru, with its inexhaustible numbers of Lesser Flamingo. We then traverse the dry woodlands of Lake Baringo, home to the Jackson’s Hornbill and Somali Sparrow, while the famous Kakamega forest adds a West African rain forest element with such highlights as Blue-headed Bee-eater and Yellow-bellied Wattle-eye being notable targets. From there, we head south towards the vast plains of what is arguably one of the most fabulous game reserves in the world, the justifiably famous Maasai Mara! This tour offers incomparable wildlife and birding in the space of just two weeks!

* Please note: these prices are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations.