The remote island of New Caledonia is considered to be one of the world's most ecologically important and critically endangered birding hotspots, hosting a collection of extremely localized and rare endemic birds. A bird watching tour of this island will spend time searching through a variety of habitats ranging from stunning subtropical forest to rugged mountains. Various targets include the beautiful Cloven-feathered Dove, the unique tool-using New Caledonian Crow, rare Crow Honeyeater, Horned Parakeet, Southern Shrikebill and the difficult Red-throated Parrot-Finch, among many others. Of course, the primary target will be locating the emblematic bird of New Caledonia, the extraordinary flightless Kagu. This strange avian relic from the past is placed in its own monotypic family and ensures that this remote island receives a good share of tourism from avid birders.

Please note: We offer a number of tours that visit not only New Caldonia, but a host of other southwest Pacific inslands including Fiji, Vanuatu and Samoa. For further information on these departures, click on the preceding links. 

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