Puerto Rico Birding Tours

Surrounded by the turquoise Caribbean sea, Puerto Rico is a rugged and mountainous island containing a wide variety of bird-rich habitats. Host to 17 endemics and numerous Greater Antillean and Caribbean restricted species, Puerto Rico has surprisingly been forgotten amongst its more illustrious neighbours; Cuba, Jamaica and Hispaniola. While the many endemics and near endemics are the priority, the island also plays host to a number of wintering North American passerines. From the humid Luquillo Mountains, we will work our way through the cool slopes of Maricao and the dry forests of Guanica. Our easy paced Puerto Rico birding tour takes in the major habitats, offering us an excellent chance of seeing all of the island's endemics, although we will need more than lady luck to help find the Critically Endangered Puerto Rican Amazon!

Puerto Rico birding tours Puerto Rico birding tours Puerto Rico birding tours

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