We will not be offerring any tours to Somaliland until such time as the current security situation has been resolved.

Somaliland (Northern Somalia) has recently become safe to travel, allowing us access to a number of endemics that were until recently impossible to see. The “Horn of Africa” in fact offers a remarkable number of endemic and specialities that are difficult or impossible to see elsewhere, making this a most productive and rewarding birding destination. These tantalising endemics and near-endemics include Archer’s Buzzard, Little Brown Bustard, little known Somali Pigeon, Somali and Collared Larks, Lesser Hoopoe-Lark, Somali Wheatear, Somali Thrush, Somali Starling, Somali Golden-winged Grosbeak and the endangered Warsangli Linnet. These endemic birds are complimented by a rich assemblage of other sought-after dry country and savanna species and include the likes of Heuglin’s and Arabian Bustards, White-cheeked Tern, Somali Courser, Philippa’s and Somali Crombecs, Red-naped Bushshrike, localised Sombre Rock Thrush, Blanford’s, Somali Short-toed and Short-tailed Larks, Greater Hoopoe-Lark, Yellow-breasted Barbet, Nile Valley Sunbird, White-crowned, Shelley’s and Magpie Starlings, Somali Bee-eater, Yellow-vented Eremomela, Somali Sparrow and Northern Grosbeak-Canary. This is an area that has been little explored and every trip seems to produce something unusual, unexpected or new and reports of a possible unique species of cisticola and an interesting scops owl from the Daallo Forest, show how much there is yet to still discover. This is pioneering birding at its very best and, when combined with the influx of Palaearctic migrants, should make for a superb bird-filled adventure!

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