Home to millions of birdwatchers and indeed many of the world’s finest ornithologists, the United Kingdom is a surprisingly good birding destination. Probably the most well birded and documented tracts of land are to be found here. Our tours traverse this most modern, yet historical European country focussing on specialities that include Atlantic Puffin, rare Western Capercaillie, Dartford Warbler, Black Grouse, Eurasian Dotterel and Bearded Reedling. Our tours cover a number of historical sites and cities including the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands, ancient woodlands and off-shore islands of Northumberland, chalklands of Wiltshire and Oxfordshire and Stonehenge, the Roman Hadrian’s Wall stretching across Cumbria and Northumberland and the historic cities of Edinburgh and London with their famous castles, palaces and museums.

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