Vanuatu, once known as the “New Hebrides” is a rarely birded archipelago. We will explore two islands, Santo and Efate, although the bulk of our birding will be on the large and mountainous island of Santo, the location of the archipelago’s capital Luganville. Vanuatu is a sleepy, seldom-birded and little-known hideaway that supports several interesting endemics, some of which are clearly related to those we can encounter on New Caledonia. Some of the birds we will search for here include Vanuatu Megapode (Scrubfowl), the endemic Tanna Fruit Dove, Vanuatu (Chestnut-bellied) Kingfisher, the very attractive endemic Buff-bellied Monarch (which belongs to a genus endemic to Vanuatu) and Vanuatu (Yellow-fronted) White-eye. During our short sojourn on Efate we will look for Blue-faced and, if we are very lucky, the spectacular Royal Parrotfinch.

Please note: We offer a number of tours that visit not only Vanuatu, but a host of other southwest Pacific inslands including New Caledonia, Fiji and Samoa. For further information on these departures, click on the preceding links. 

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