2012 Rockjumper/Indri/Oryx Tour Brochure

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2012 Rockjumper/Indri/Oryx Tour Brochure

Hi everyone!
We are delighted to announce that our 2012 Rockjumper/Indri/Oryx Tour Brochure is finally off to print. Packed with over 140 exciting tours and extensions plus scores of brilliant images, here is a sneak preview of the brochure cover to whet your appetite. Both printed (on environmentally friendly Triple Green paper) and electronic versions will be available in August. With this in mind, for those who did not receive our newsflash regarding our numerous brochure options, please visit the homepage of our website – www.rockjumperbirding.com – and click on the ‘Request Your Brochure Now’ button. This will then give you the option of choosing between having a printed brochure posted directly to you, having a PDF version emailed to you, or collecting it from an upcoming event.
We look forward to hearing from you!