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At Rockjumper, we pride ourselves on providing excellent value yet at the same time, not compromising our quality. Usually the following is included in the tour price: all meals from start to completion of the tour, drinking water throughout, all lodgings, ground transportation from pick-up to drop-off from the designated airport/s or arrival hotels, all activities mentioned in the itinerary, reserve entrance fees and all guiding services – both from Rockjumper leader/s to local bird guides and tips for local guides and all services.

On some of our tours, we also include free airport transfers at the start and end of the tour. There may be the odd exceptions, so please study the tour-specific itinerary for more details of exact inclusions and exclusions. Exceptions to the above would typically apply to our budget range of tours, where not all meals are always included.

Our tour prices do not include any flights – neither international nor internal/domestic. We recommend booking on-line or with your local travel agent for your international flight (we can usually advise on best routes). Internal/domestic flights are arranged by our agents where necessary, as Rockjumper does not issues these flights – we only pass on the cost incurred. We provide an estimate of the expected cost of internal/domestic flights on our website, but the actual cost may be more or less than our estimated website price.

Reservations for scheduled land tours require a completed booking form and a deposit of US$800 per person for the main tour and US$500 per person for an extension. If your tour requires a gorilla permit, please add the full cost thereof to your deposit. Our cruises and private tours have varying deposit amounts and this information can be obtained from our tour consultants at If you would like Rockjumper to ticket your internal flights for the tour (if internal flights are required) then please add the approximate cost of domestic flights as stated on the website for the tour you are signing up for. Should there be any price difference in the final cost of internal flights at time ticketing, it will be adjusted on the final invoice. Rockjumper will seek your permission to issue the internal flight tickets before doing so.

If the booking is made within 3 months of the tour departure date, then full payment is required.

A booking form is obtained by contacting a Rockjumper tour consultant and may be filled in electronically and emailed back to us at Alternatively, a hard copy can be printed out and posted to us. A booking is accepted and becomes definite only from the date when Rockjumper has confirmed acceptance in writing. At this point, a contract between Rockjumper and the participant comes into existence.

If the reservation is cancelled, cancellation fees will be due and payable, according to the following:

6 months or more prior to departure date:

  • US$250 will be retained from the main tour deposit
  • Any non-issued internal flight costs will be refunded in full
  • US$150 will be retained per extension deposit
  • Any gorilla tracking permits where relevant are non-refundable

3 – 6 months prior to departure date:

  • Full deposit for the tour is non-refundable
  • non-issued internal flight deposits are refundable

0 – 3 months prior to departure date:

  • Full tour fee is due and payable even if you have not yet paid in full.
  • Non-issued domestic flight deposits are refundable.

Payment of the balance of the tour fee is due 4 months before departure. An invoice will be issued to you before full payment is due.

The single supplement is a premium charged to solo travellers when they do not share a room during the tour and is levied by the accommodation establishments. The single supplement cost will be charged if you wish to have single accommodation. If RBT cannot provide you with a rooming partner although you choose to share, the single supplement will become applicable. We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that a rooming partner is found if you do wish to share.

If the tour does not have sufficient registration, participants signed up may have a choice of paying an additional fee/surcharge rather than facing cancellation of the tour. The smaller the group, the higher the supplement fee will be, as fewer people will be paying towards the fixed costs such as vehicle hire, fuel and all guide related expenses. The minimum group sizes and potential small group supplement rate can be obtained on request from our tour consultants.

This includes tips for all drivers, hotel staff, restaurants, local guides and services. We don’t include tips for the Rockjumper leader/s. If, therefore, you feel that he/she/they have given you excellent service, it is entirely appropriate to tip them. Please note that a tip is never expected.

Due to our consistently high-quality guides, staff and services, it’s hard to provide this at a significant discount.  The world’s best tour leaders command fees that reflect their exceptional knowledge and experience. We employ tour leaders that are passionate birders who have seen an exceptional number of species around the world and are specialists in their own right in different continents. In addition to our tour leaders, our office staff takes extreme pride in ensuring that every last detail is considered and that your tour is, ultimately, a quality experience.

They are also paid fair salaries for the quality that they bring to the table.  Another big difference often concerns transportation and accommodations. By using substandard transport and accommodations, one can certainly bring down the price; however, this can have a serious impact on the overall enjoyment of the tour. Accommodations will almost always be the best available in a particular area, except when time is spent in capital cities or popular tourist locations where five-star accommodations commanding high prices are available. In some countries, it is, however, important to remember that some birding sites are far off the beaten track and accommodations can be rustic in nature. Even in these instances, the best accommodation will always be used.

We also include all tips for local guides, drivers, porters, waiters and for general hotel services. These can add quite significantly to the final price of a tour and also saves you the uneasy feeling of carrying around large sums of foreign cash and then having to try and figure out what a fair tip is, as this can vary quite significantly from site to site and from country to country.

  1. Any guests who sign up for two back-to-back tours, we will deduct US$300 off the total price.
  2. Any guests who sign up for their 5th tour with us will be offered a 10% discount off the tour price, to a maximum value of US$600.
  3. A US$400 discount voucher is awarded to any of our loyal guests who refer someone who has not travelled with us before, provided the referred person signs up for one of our scheduled departures.
  4. A 10% Early Bird Discount will be awarded to any guest who books one of the first spaces on a tour 12 months in advance.

For more details with regards to the terms & conditions in relation to the above loyalty programs, please view our website.
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