5 Reasons To Visit The Forgotten Islands [#4: Castaway Depots]

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5 Reasons To Visit The Forgotten Islands [#4: Castaway Depots]

In light of our upcoming New Zealand Subantarctic Island Cruise, we decided to provide 5 great reasons to visit the #ForgottenIslands! Here is our 4th:

#4: Castaway Depots

A host of castaway depots were built, patrolled, and kept supplied by the New Zealand government on the Subantarctic Islands between the 1860s and early 1900s, in order to provide shipwreck victims with emergency relief. These castaway depots were created in a response to a notable number of shipwrecks occurring in the area – arguably the most well-known case being that of the Grafton shipwreck in the early 1860s. The creation of these depots provided shipwreck survivors with supplies that would keep them alive until they were able to be rescued. Thankfully, these castaway depots became unnecessary with the advent of modern technologies and alterations in trade routes.

Fortunately for us, these castaway depots can still be found in this area, which affords us the wonderful opportunity of exploring these sites during our New Zealand Subantarctic Island Cruise! Creating the possibility for survival, where there was previously no chance, continues to be a testament to the ingenuity of the human race. These depots, that were once the only chance of salvation for a misfortunate few, are now an homage to what is arguably humankind’s greatest strength. With a history that is almost palpable, this area is sure to leave every visitor with an insurmountable sense of awe and wonder.

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