Our short extension to the tiny Kai archipelago takes us to Kai Kecil and Kai Besar - the two largest islands, each hosting its very own suite of endemics. A short trip to Haruku Island should produce Moluccan and Dusky Megapodes, before we head to Kai Cecil and Kai Besar where we’ll search for the endemic Kai Monarch, Golden-bellied (Kai Kecil) White-eye, the elusive Kai Cicadabird, keyensis subspecies of Rufous-sided Gerygone, endemic assimilis subspecies of Northern Fantail (Kai Fantail) and the ubiquitous and noisy Spangled Drongo (Kai Spangled Drongo), Kai Coucal, Pearl-bellied (Kai Besar) White-eye and localised Cinnamon-chested Flycatcher.

*2025 Prices & dates are estimated and will change*

Tour Facts Top Birds
Wallace's, White-bibbed & Rose-crowned Fruit Doves; Kai Monarch; Golden-bellied (Kai Kecil) & Pearl-bellied (Kai Besar) White-eyes; Kai Cicadabird; Rufous-sided Gerygone; Northern Fantail (Kai Fantail); Spangled Drongo (Kai Spangled Drongo); Kai Coucal; Cinnamon-chested Flycatcher; Amboyna Cuckoo-Dove; Pink-headed, Elegant & Pied Imperial Pigeons; Red Lory; Coconut & Red-flanked Lorikeets; Red-cheeked & Eclectus Parrots; Orange-footed Scrubfowl; Moluccan & Dusky Megapodes; Papuan & Elegant Pittas; Arafura Fantail; Metallic Starling; Tanimbar Friarbird; Mistletoebird.
Habitats Covered
Expected Climate
hot and humid with tropical showers in the lowlands
Max Group Size
10 with 2 Rockjumper leaders
Tour Pace & Walking
relaxed with some easy to moderate hikes
comfortable to good
Ease of Birding
average with some tough species
Photographic Opportunities
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

Although the tour was a little more strenuous than I had anticipated, it was a fantastic tour. All of the endemics except for two very rare ones—more than I’d hoped to see in my wildest dreams. Glen is an excellent guide, the local guide a very positive addition, and the driving crew was just fabulous. And when things went awry with the cancelled flight and the steep increase in the fee for Komodo, Glen, our local guide and crew handled it in complete transparency to us, so that we didn’t miss a beat. Hats off to all involved!

This is a fantastic tour and it gave us a rare, unique and unforgettable experience. We are in awe of the complex logistics required to make this tour run so smoothly. Everything ran like clockwork. The leaders, Lev and David, the ship’s crew, the local teams of guides and the lovely drivers were amazing. Everyone was so friendly. The efforts that everyone went to to find the special birds of these remote islands were above and beyond! The food was very good throughout, in summary the experience was amazing!

My thanks to Keith and Glen Valentine for taking so much time in getting me on the birds. They are so patient and really nice.

David was notable in his high level of enthusiasm, how careful he is with identifications and how quick he is at spotting things. Our group was quite mixed in age and skills, and David was patient with members whose eyesight was not so good, and quick to get a spotting scope onto even difficult forest birds. I’d happily travel elsewhere with him and is every bit of what I could hope for in a guide. The overall group felt well run and there was always a plan B if one was needed. David’s knowledge and sense of humor also made him fun to travel with.

This was an adventure to be sure. The places we traveled were indeed remote and with the exception of larger cities like Ambon & Sorong inhabited by few people. This was my first trip to Indonesia and was an adventure to even get to Ambon. However, the Indonesian people must be the kindest most helpful people in the world. The boat was lovely and this amazing trip had so many interworking pieces -- moving from the Indo Seamore to the shore for the next adventure, disembarking at various kinds of dock, piers, rocks, etc, meeting up with our vehicles for rides up into the hills -- everything worked like clockwork. We saw so many fabulous birds thanks to our super guides, David Hoddinott and Lev Frid. The two guides were so helpful and informative; I would gladly travel with either of them or both in the future. However, I have to say that this trip was just about at the limit of my ability. I would never have seen the birds I did without the help of David & Lev and our various local guides and drivers. I think only Rockjumper could have pulled this tour off.

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