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What our clients say about us

Stuart Elsom
JH - Highlights 2022

Both the tour leader, Stuart Elsom, and the local driver were great. he knew exactly where to go for a certain set of species - all knowledge from his many trips to these areas of the tour.

Paul Varney
BD - Highlights 2022

The tour was amazing and probably one of the best we have been on. Paul and Moses were great guides and managed to get us on birds and good opportunities for photographing birds and animals. I appreciated Paul's patience and constant enthusiasm. Moses really understood the animals and what birds or mammals might do next - he got us in good position for great photos. Moses also had a great sense of humor and responded quickly when one of our tour members became sick. I really like that Rockjumper takes care of all the tipping and takes care of local staff and guides. This is a real benefit in the tours for me.

Heinz Ortmann
RL, Tanzania

Heinz Ortmann was charming and funny, outstanding on the birds and other animals, and excellent in dealing with the logistics. I would be very happy to travel with Heinz again.

David Hoddinott
IR, Tanzania Mega

From your looking at my list two years ago and your comments on where best to get the birds, I was able to work out which trips would be most productive.... You were always drawing my attention to what were new, or possible splits, and checking what I still needed! And then not only did you make space in your busy programme to fit in our [Tanzania] Mega before my deadline, but putting in all the hours to find those tricky ones and patiently re-trying over and over again when I dipped or didn’t get good views! I am most grateful & know I could not have done it without you!

David Hoddinott
Anon, Tanzania - Mega

David Hoddinott and indeed the drivers and Alison were all amazing - making this a life-changing experience. Everything went far better than expected throughout the tour in my opinion. I do not see how it could have been improved. Well done to all!

Tanzania - Birds & Big Game (Relaxed) 2025

01 Mar 2025 - 14 Mar 2025 (14 days)

USD10,000 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Yoav Perlman

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): USD10,000 * GBP8,234 * EUR9,470 * AUD15,677

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