Our birding tour to Angola takes us to one of the least birded yet most rewarding and incredibly rich African birdwatching destinations! After 30 years of crippling civil war, this vast land is now at peace and actively encouraging tourism. During our 18-day Angola birding tour, we plan to visit key sites for the numerous Angolan endemic and near-endemic birds, from the fabled Gabela Forests to the spectacular Tundavala Escarpment, which drops more than 1,000m (3,300ft) onto the coastal plains below. Habitats we will cover during our Angola birding tour range from the parched Namib deserts to misty scarp forests and tracts of pristine, broad-leaved Miombo woodlands. We can expect to find many birds seen by just a handful of ornithologists and explorers and possibilities still remain for rediscovering several species or even finding new species! Our Angola birding tour itinerary has now been expanded to include sites for the recently rediscovered Braun’s Bushshrike, White-headed Robin-Chat, Swierstra’s Francolin and the little-known and range-restricted Brazza's Martin. Join us for what will be a truly exciting exploration of this stunning country.

Please note: If you wish to partake in this African birding adventure, it is vital that you apply two months in advance for your visa.

angola birding tour angola birding tour angola birding tour

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