Our Argentina birding tours take you to the very best birding sites that this diverse country has to offer.

We start with the most comprehensive tour of Northern Argentina on offer. A tour that targets every single endemic and near endemic the region has to offer! Kicking off in the seldom explored North West, a haven of endemicity that provides us with a selection of little-known, range-restricted species along with some of the finest scenery in all of Argentina. From such diverse areas as Quebrada de las Conchas, to the spectacular Humahuaca Valley and Yungas Cloud forests of Calilegua National Park, no better backdrop exists against which to search out the region’s avian gems! We then continue traveling to the North East, into the province of Misiones to search the last remnants of San Pedro’s native Araucaria forest and visiting one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world, the gargantuan Cataratas del Iguazú (Iguazú Falls)! We conclude our tour with some remarkable wetland birding on the Esteros del Iberá, one of the largest marshland ecosystems on the continent. Amongst the many fine birds we will be seeking are such sought-after and localized species as Rufous-throated Dipper, Tucuman Mountain Finch, Tucuman Amazon, White-throated Cacholote, Strange-tailed Tyrant, Yellow Cardinal, Araucaria Tit-Spinetail, Black-fronted Piping Guan, Helmeted Woodpecker, the spectacular Andean Condor, exquisite Red-tailed Comet and extraordinary Lyre-tailed Nightjar.

Our Cordoba Endemics extension explores the geographically isolated Cordoba Hills where endemics abound, and here we can expect to find Olrog’s and Cordoba Cinclodes as well as the extremely localized Salinas Monjita.

One of the classic birdwatching destinations, Argentina’s Northern Patagonia and Pampas area not only offers superb birding, but also excellent cuisine, accommodation and transport. A vast country that possesses a large variety of habitats and climates, our tour introduces one to the famous Gaucho ridden Pampas, windswept steppes and endless barren Atlantic shores. Bird diversity thrives here, with almost half of Argentina’s endemics available. The southern Atlantic coasts will provide for some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. We start off with some relaxed city birding around Buenos Aires before heading south, birding the wetlands and tidal mudflats to Punta Rasa. We search for the rare and endangered Yellow Cardinal and range restricted Pampas Meadowlark around Bahia Blanca, while targeting two endemics, White-throated Cacholote and Sandy Gallito around Las Grutas. With a burgeoning list of impressive species, we head to what will surely be one of the tour highlights, the magnificent Valdés Peninsula, home of Sea Lion hunting Killer Whales as well as several immense bird and marine mammal breeding grounds. Departing this expansive peninsula, we pay a visit to Punta Tombo. It is here that around half a million Magellanic Penguins gather every year to breed in the roughly 200,000 active nests! Finally, we travel to the newly created Patagonia National Park, home to the very attractive, but unfortunately critically endangered Hooded Grebe. With the main core of the breeding population found within the park boundaries, our chances of success are rather high! A fitting end to an absorbing tour.

Our North West Patagonia Extension takes in two scenically stunning National Parks. We shall begin our tour at Los Alerces National Park; founded to protect its namesake, the Alerce forest which contains trees dated at more than 3000 years old! We shall then proceed north to Argentina’s oldest National Park; Nahuel Huapi. Set against the Chilean border, we shall spend our time birding a multitude of habitats, with a particular focus on the Valdivian and Araucarian Forests such desirable species as Magellanic Woodpecker, Chucao Tapaculo, Black-throated Huet-huet, Austral Pygmy Owl, Lesser (Magellanic) Horned Owl, Austral Parakeet, White-throated Treerunner, Austral Thrush, Chilean Pigeon and Rufous-tailed Plantcutter.

Our tour through Argentina’s Southern Patagonia takes us on an amazing adventure through the southern portion of this incredible continent in search for the unique Magellanic Plover at Laguna Nimez, the rare White-bellied Seedsnipe on the wide-open grassy plains of northern Tierra del Fuego, and charismatic Magellanic Woodpecker. Our journey begins in the Los Glacieres National Park, famous in birding circles for its population of the impressive Andean Condors, the uncommon Bronze-winged Duck, Chilean Flicker and the strange Rufous-tailed Plantcutter. Crossing the border into Chile, we spend a few days at possibly the most scenically impressive site on a tour of grand vistas; Torres del Paine. Aside from being a staggeringly spectacular stretch of mountains, quite possibly the most attractive scenery of all the Andes; Torres del Paine National Park also happens to be one of the best places in the world to see the mighty Puma. Next we travel to the Punta Arenas, exploring the most southern continental locations for their plethora of rare and endemic species, both by road and by ferry. As the tour draw to a close, we will be searching for birds in the dramatic and fabled landscapes of Tierra del Fuego. Here a visit to the national park could produce Austral Pygmy Owl, White-throated Treerunner and the fantastic Magellanic Woodpecker. In the Beagle Channel we hope for Magellanic Diving Petrel, Fuegian Steamer Duck and White-throated Caracara, while in the Rio Grande area we search for the rare White-bellied Seedsnipe.

This tour covers the most essential sites in the southern portion of Argentina and gives a splendid overview of the breath-taking scenery, mind-blowing birding and excellent mammal viewing that this exceptional part of the world has to offer.

* Please note: these prices are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations.