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Australia is a vast continent, packed with endemic birds and bizarre wildlife found nowhere else on our planet. Our very comprehensive Australia - East Coast birding tour covers the prime birding and wildlife sites of Australia’s eastern seaboard, from the wet tropical rainforests and mangrove backwaters of the Daintree and endemic-rich Atherton Tablelands near Cairns, through to the cool temperate forests of Lamington and Royal National Parks, an exciting pelagic seabird trip off Wollongong, the scenic Capertee Valley and surrounds, the remote Outback area around Deniliquin, and finally ends with coastal birding around Melbourne.

Targets on our Eastern Australia birding tour are numerous, and highlights might include Victoria’s Riflebird, Australian Logrunner, Noisy Pitta, the strange Chowchilla, Tooth-billed, Regent and the exquisite Golden Bowerbird, the outrageous Southern Cassowary, Emu, Superb Lyrebird, the strange Plains-wanderer (sole member of its family), much desired Malleefowl, endangered Regent Honeyeater, and a plethora of colorful parrots including the incomparable Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo. Non-avian highlights will be abundant, including marveling at some of the world’s strangest mammals such as Short-beaked Echidna and the endearing Koala, as well as enjoying the company of friendly Australians.

Our Southwest Australia Extension takes us to the Darling and Stirling Ranges, Dryandra Woodland and the heathlands of Albany, to seek out the dozen endemic and numerous other avian and wildlife targets of this isolated ecozone. Prime amongst these is the Noisy Scrubbird, believed to be extinct until its dramatic rediscovery in 1961. Further tour targets include Short-billed Black Cockatoo, Western Bristlebird, Western Whipbird and Numbat.

Our Australia birding tours also offer an exciting Tasmania Birding Extension: we fly into Hobart to search for the thirteen endemics of this rugged, temperate island. Spending two nights on Bruny Island and another near Mount Field National Park we will seek the rare Forty-spotted Pardalote, Beautiful Firetail, Little Penguin, Tasmanian Nativehen and many others. Tasmania is also the stronghold for many rare mammals and we stand good chances of finding the aberrant Platypus, massive Common Wombat, the attractive Eastern Barred Bandicoot or even the catlike, carnivorous Eastern Quoll.

Our Queensland Outback birding adventure explores the remote and scenic corners of Western Queensland and the Gulf Country where many of Australia’s most desirable and seldom-seen endemics await us. This comprehensive tour targets all the region’s specialties in the unique and fascinating spinifex-dominated, stunted-Eucalyptus woodland, arid plains and savannah that covers much of this part of the continent. The birding is truly fantastic and we’ll be searching for a number of rare and little-known gems like Carpentarian and Kalkadoon Grasswrens, Masked, Long-tailed, Painted, Gouldian and Star Finches, Spinifex Pigeon, Spinifexbird, Grey and Black Falcons, Black-chested Buzzard, Red-backed Kingfisher, Ground Cuckooshrike, Purple-crowned Fairywren, Pictorella Mannikin, Rufous-crowned Emu-wren, Hall’s Babbler and Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush to mention just a few of the possible highlights we hope to encounter on this specialist Australian birding tour.

Our Cape York Peninsula extension focuses on the vast lowland rainforests of Iron Range National Park and surrounds, while also targeting the Atherton Tableland endemics and the arid woodlands of Lakefield National Park.

Cape York harbours a suite of more typical New Guinea species such as the impressive Palm Cockatoo, Red-cheeked and Eclectus Parrots, White-faced Robin, Yellow-billed Kingfisher and Magnificent Riflebird, as well as several species unique to the Peninsula like White-streaked Honeyeater, Northern Scrub Robin and Frill-necked Monarch. We also target the incredibly beautiful and localised Golden-shouldered Parrot, while on the Tablelands around Julatten, we’ll be aiming to find the gorgeous Golden and Tooth-billed Bowerbirds, the bizarre Chowchilla, the unique Fernwren, Spotted Catbird, Noisy Pitta, Bower’s Shrikethrush and Grey-headed Robin amongst others.

These Australia birding tours are thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding adventures and are suitable for both hardcore birders and non-birding spouses alike.Australia birding tour

Australia bird tours Australia birding tours Australia birding tours

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