Our very popular birding tours to Bhutan thoroughly explore this beautiful Himalayan country for a whole host of special and range-restricted birds. Also, thanks to a small population and its Buddhist traditions, Bhutan has avoided the environmental ravages that have left its neighbours' forests sadly degraded, and much of the scenery is quite spectacular. Here majestic mountain passes littered with prayer flags give way to pristine forests often dominated by massive dzongs (temple-fortresses), and we will have an opportunity to view up close the impressive artwork that adorns these structures and interact with the devout Bhutanese people. Traveling across the breadth of this remarkable country, we will pass through lush broad-leaved forests dripping with orchids, blazes of Spring rhododendrons and magnolias, seemingly endless coniferous forests, with arguably the most magnificent mountain scenery in the world as our backdrop! Our Bhutan birding tour includes comfortable camping, often at breathtakingly beautiful sites, where our needs are catered for by a team of helpful camp assistants. Much of our Bhutan birding is done whilst walking the most productive sections of the only road winding its way across the Kingdom. Targets include Satyr Tragopan, Himalayan Monal, Blood Pheasant, Ibisbill, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Ward’s Trogon, Fire-tailed Myzornis, Beautiful Nuthatch and an astounding selection of wren-babblers and parrotbills. Join us on a Bhutan birdwatching adventure through a paradise of culture, birds and scenic vistas, as we explore the heavenly riches of Bhutan on this thoroughly recommended and highly enjoyable tour.

Our new Highlights of Bhutan tour is a shorter and more cost-effective offering as compared to our standard Bhutan birding tour, yet nevertheless still showcases most of what this amazing country has to offer, including almost all of Bhutan’s most beautiful and sought-after birds. In addition, we’ll be among the very first foreign birders to explore the relatively new Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, refuge for about 150 overwintering Black-necked Cranes and scores of other great Himalayan species, making this Bhutan birding tour a true venture of discovery!

Our Assam Extension is a short birding and wildlife safari that showcases Kaziranga, one of India’s most famous reserves, as well as Nameri National Park. Vast swathes of swamps, grasslands and forests support an abundance of large mammals, unrivalled anywhere else in Eurasia. The prehistoric Indian Rhinoceros is encountered in astounding numbers, while large numbers of Water Buffalo, Asian Elephant, Swamp and Hog Deer can also be viewed, along with a chance for the mighty Tiger. Our birding targets include the rare White-winged Duck, Bengal Florican, Greater Adjutant and Swamp Francolin.

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