Few countries in Europe can rival Bulgaria's splendid scenery and natural diversity, what with the local landscape changing every few kilometers to reveal alpine mountains, rivers with spectacular canyons, vast meadows and forests, coastal wetlands and pristine, sandy beaches. Coupled with Bulgaria's geographic position in the south-eastern corner of the Balkan peninsular, this ensures an outstanding wildlife diversity, including over 400 Bulgarian and Balkan endemic plant species, almost 70 different orchids, the highest number of dragonflies and butterflies in Europe, and over 410 species of birds. Little wonder, therefore, that the country is becoming an increasingly popular destination for birders, general wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and film makers alike. In addition, the country is also blessed with an amazing cultural heritage, including magnificent 18th and 19th century architecture in numerous towns and villages, ancient icons, breathtaking murals and superb woodcarvings lovingly preserved in the nation’s many monasteries and churches.

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