The little-known Central African Republic harbors one of Africa’s greatest birding and wildlife gems in the form of Dzanga-Sangha Reserve. This pristine rainforest protects some of the densest concentrations of surviving rainforest megafauna. A visit to the Sangha Baï, a large mineral-rich forest clearing, is one of the ultimate wildlife experiences on the planet. Quintessential mammals we will seek to encounter include mud stained Forest Elephants, Forest Buffalo, Red River Hog, Bongo and even Lowland Gorilla. We will also enjoy an enthralling Gorilla trek where we hope for up-close-and-personal encounters with these gentle apes.

From our simple yet idyllic lodge perched on the banks of the Sangha River, we will search for some of Africa’s toughest birds, including Plumed Guineafowl, Grey-throated Rail, Lyre-tailed Honeyguide and Sangha Forest Robin. Small colonies of Grey-necked Rockfowl have recently also been discovered in the area. Other available activities include observing traditional net-hunting with the friendly Baka Pygmies, night spotlighting sessions, and exploring riverine forests by boat. We invite you to join us for a real rainforest adventure of discovery!

Please note: We are not offering a standard set departure tour to the Central African Republic. We are, however, still arranging customized private tours to this country and will gladly assist you in arranging the perfect guided birding or wildlife adventure to the Central African Republic for you.

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