The Fijian Islands, with the balmy, sun-bleached beaches and luxuriant forests are only a short distance from our delightful hotels. We will visit three islands, Vitie Levu, Taveuni and Kadavu, each supporting its own coterie of exciting endemics and near-endemics. Among mist-draped montane forests we may be treated to such spectacular species as Orange Fruit Dove (an almost unbelievable colour!), the enigmatic Silktail, Azure-crested (Blue-crested) Flycatcher (a real humdinger!) and a plethora of other attractive endemics including Fiji Goshawk, Golden and Whistling (Velvet) Fruit Doves, Tongan (Friendly) Ground Dove, Barking (Peale’s) Imperial Pigeon, Collared Lory, Maroon (Red) Shining and Masked Shining Parrots, Polynesian Triller, Fiji Bush Warbler, Slaty Monarch, Vanikoro Flycatcher, Fiji Shrikebill, Fiji Whistler, Fiji (Layard’s) White-eye, Sulphur-breasted (Orange-breasted) Myzomela, Wattled Honeyeater, the spectacular sounding Giant Honeyeater, Fiji Woodswallow, and the handsome red-headed Fiji Parrotfinch. During our Fiji birding tour, we will also seek out some of Fiji’s most elusive and least-known species including Long-legged Thicketbird (Warbler), Black-throated Shrikebill and Pink-billed Parrotfinch. There is always an extreme outside chance that we might luck upon Red-throated Lorikeet as well, but in all likelihood this species is probably extinct. If weather and sea conditions permit, we will also take a pelagic trip out of Taveuni where we might encounter various seabirds including Tahiti Petrel and, with a great deal of luck, perhaps Murphy’s, Kermadec or Trinidade (Herald) Petrels.

Please note: We offer a number of tours that visit not only Fiji, but a host of other southwest Pacific islands including New Caledonia, Samoa and Vanuatu. For further information on these departures, click on the preceding links. 

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