Gabon Birding Tours

Our birding tours to Gabon take us to this great West African nation, which made headlines in 2002 when its national parks rose from zero to thirteen, as more than 10,000 square miles of pristine rainforest was protected to conserve the incredible faunal wealth of this, the largest intact forest bloc on the entire African continent. Due to its small population and vast rainforest resources, Gabon is unique in harbouring significant numbers of African rainforest mammals that have either disappeared or are very difficult to see elsewhere. Our Gabon birding tour takes us to Lope and Loango National Parks where we will seek herds of Forest Elephant and Forest Buffalo, sounders of Red River Hogs and a plethora of monkeys. Chances exist for Chimpanzee, Mandrills and West African Manatee. The birding is also exceptional, including such mythical African megas as White-crested Tiger Heron, Congo Serpent Eagle, Hartlaub’s Duck, Vermiculated Fishing Owl, Plumed Guineafowl, Bates’s Nightjar, White-bellied Kingfisher, Black-headed and Rosy Bee-eater, Black-casqued Wattled Hornbill, Lyre-tailed Honeyguide, African River Martin and Black-collared Bulbul.

The Loango Extension to our Gabon - Rainforest Birds & Mammals tour covers the very best birding and wildlife localities within the extensive Loango National Park. Birding highlights are plentiful and include some of Africa's most seldom-seen and exotic species such as White-crested Tiger Heron, African River Martin, Congo Serpent Eagle, Long-tailed Hawk, Forbes's Plover, White-bellied Kingfisher, Loango Weaver, Bare-cheeked Trogon, Vermiculated Fishing Owl, Bates's Nightjar, Hartlaub's Duck, African Finfoot and Black-headed Bee-eater. This fabulous reserve is also extremely scenic with large areas of pristine lowland forest, tranquil, forest-lined rivers, pans and open grasslands and mammal possibilities include Lowland Gorilla, Forest Elephant, Forest Buffalo, Red-River Hog and Hippopotamus and a range of tropical monkeys.

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