Ghana is a ‘must-visit’ birding tours destination, offering core West African rainforest and savanna birding along with easily accessible White-necked Rockfowl colonies!

Our Ghana Mega Birding tour is specifically designed to cover the most crucial birding sites in the country, offering a fully comprehensive overview of Ghana’s spectacular avifauna. Some of the sites visited on this exceptional adventure include the wonderful Kakum National Park, home to Africa’s only rainforest canopy walkway and a variety of Upper Guinea endemics; the fantastic Kumasi and Atewa forests, where we will carefully work through the lower-storey bird waves that are typically filled with greenbuls, flycatchers, warblers and many more; plus the remote Kalakpa forest, where the rare Capuchin Babbler and stunning Red-cheeked Wattle-eye may be found. We will of course also take time to enjoy the primary target of our tour, the White-necked Rockfowl, and watching these bizarre birds coming in to their roost is likely to be one of the highlights of any birder’s career! Further north, Mole National Park lies in a belt of broad-leaved Guinea woodlands where we will seek the beautiful Oriole Warbler, stunning Violet Turaco and numerous kingfishers, bee-eaters, rollers, sunbirds and starlings; while in the dry Sahelian savanna of the seldom-visited far north of the country we will look for some really special species, including the splendid Egyptian Plover and the Standard-winged Nightjar, one of the world’s most uniquely adorned birds!

On our Comprehensive and Exclusive Ghana birding tours we spend a number of days exploring the wonders of Kakum National Park, home to a variety of Upper Guinea  bird endemics. Time at forests near Kumasi and Atewa gives us ample opportunity to work through the lower-storey bird waves, while several sessions on Africa’s only rainforest canopy walkway will ensure up-close-and-personal experiences of a plethora of canopy dwellers, including an assemblage of turacos, bee-eaters, forest hornbills, barbets, bushshrikes and weavers. Further north, Mole National Park lies in a belt of broad-leafed Guinea woodlands where we will seek the beautiful Oriole Warbler, Violet Turaco and several species of kingfishers, bee-eaters, rollers, sunbirds and starlings that create a riot of color! We will also not ignore the typical savanna mammals, and Mole Park boasts a healthy population of particularly well-habituated Elephants.

Finally, for our Budget Birding tour we have cherry-picked the very best and most accessible birding sites of this fantastic country and packaged this in a shorter and more cost effective offering. This tour includes spending time in pristine forest along the Kakum canopy walkway and targets the White-necked Rockfowl and many of Ghana’s most special species. Further highlights of this highly recommended African adventure include a visit to Ghana’s most notorious edifice, the Cape Coast Castle, which once served as a major base for shipping slaves to the “New World”. We will also seek various rainforest and savanna mammals, including Mole National Park’s healthy population of African Elephants.

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