The tiny nation of Honduras is among Central America’s best kept birding and wildlife secrets. A biodiversity hotspot, it supports more than 700 bird species, playing host to over 30 separate cloud forests. Our tours here bird the grounds and surroundings of one of the most spectacular eco-lodges on the planet: Pico Bonito Lodge! We have plenty of time to visit a wide array of habitats including mangroves, estuaries, the best tracts of lowland rainforests and the nearby lush, broad-leaved forests, while being sure to also make time for some relaxation, a dip in the pool, or even a massage from one of the expert masseuses on-site! In addition, the bird list will be as impressive as the grounds and cuisine, including such gems as Keel-billed and Tody Motmot, Keel-billed Toucan, Lovely Cotinga, Chestnut-coloured Woodpecker, Red-capped Mannikin, White Hawk, King Vulture, Black-and-white Owl, and too many other fantastic species to list here!

We will also take time to explore the remarkable Mayan ruins at Copán, once a major Mayan dynastic kingdom and of prime archaeological importance for its numerous, well-preserved hieroglyphic texts that adorn its remaining monuments. Other sites visited include the Honduran Emerald Reserve, one of just two known sites for Honduras’ only endemic, the glittering little hummer after which it is named. The awesome Honduran birdlife is further augmented by ease of travel, luxury lodges, super-friendly people and fine cuisine, making this a thoroughly enjoyable birding adventure for both hardcore and casual birders alike!

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